Okay, this isn’t working.

I was quite proud of myself for buckling down and getting Part V of the #OccupyTea series finished last night. I was on cruise control throughout the entire process.

It took about four hours.

There were some periods when I was doing things not productive to getting the post finished, but not very many, and I’d spent a significant amount of time writing about half the post earlier in the week. Let’s be generous and say each post is going to take me six hours to complete at that rate. Even if I were to focus entirely on the series all day, with a break to catch up on RSS feeds and watch my normal shows, I’d probably only complete about one and a half posts each day. I was hoping to work with a buffer with this series. That’s not a picture very conducive to that, and it’s certainly not a picture conducive to me figuring out what order results in the best flow of ideas, best allows ideas to build on one another, as opposed to picking topics semi-randomly on the fly like I’ve been doing.

So I’m going to abandon any pretense of this series being a five-day-a-week series. I will endeavor to complete at least one post a week, and complete the whole series before school starts and certainly before the election, but I will only work on the series when I’m particularly motivated to do so. In order to get that flow of ideas I mentioned in the last paragraph, expect another one-post week next week, with the rest of the week filled with the stuff I mentioned in my last Blog News post. By not forcing myself to focus on this series when I don’t want to do the heavy thinking associated with it, I can focus the rest of my time on another project I’m more into, one I actually have higher hopes for raising the profile of the site with, and one I’m nowhere near as through with as I’d like.

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