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More on the Penny Arcade Kickstarter

It’s late, and the next part of the #OccupyTea series is substantially far away from completion and is probably going to undergo substantial revision before it goes up, so I want to say a little more about the Penny Arcade Kickstarter. I’ll probably have a more complete takedown later, but right now I want to […]

Sports graphics roundup on the eve of the Olympics

I’m way overdue for a sports graphics roundup, so let’s get a quick one out of the way before the Olympics start. You may recall how mystified I was at FSN’s new basketball graphic, wondering why they would spell out team names and use a bulky tab for bonus indicators on the NBA but not […]

State of the #OccupyTea series

Boy, for something I had such high hopes for, that I spent half the year bringing myself to get started, this series has been something of a massive disappointment. Not even in the sense that it hasn’t attracted anyone new to Da Blog; I’ve become used to that sort of thing when it comes to […]

The Occupy Tea Party Platform, Part IV: Foreign Policy

Defense spending makes up about 20%, a full fifth, of the U.S. federal budget; Social Security and various health-related programs like Medicare each make up another fifth apiece, so those three things by themselves make up 60% of government expenditures, and since things like Social Security and Medicare are trust funds separate from the rest […]

The Occupy Tea Party Platform, Part III: Economic Recovery

Economics quiz: What is the best response the government should have to a recession? Is it: A) To hand out a bunch of tax cuts? B) To spend money on public works projects? C) To do nothing? Most economists would probably answer B. To see why B is a better answer than A, consider this […]

This is what I get for knocking out a post too hastily before I’d even really begun checking RSS feeds. I have to cheat and use the lack of guest comic on the RSS feed as an excuse to thumbnail the previous comic.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized pep talk.) Something’s been a little… off with the much-teased potential relationship between Tai and Dora. Tai’s had a crush on Dora for some time, and a pairing between them seemed to be a natural result of the end of the relationship between Marten and Dora, one Jeph Jacques […]

Bleep you, Penny Arcade.

You want us to give you a quarter of a million dollars – no, half a million dollars – no, a full million dollars just to take advertising off your site? Why are so many webcomics people stuck in the 90s or early 2000s? What is it about people like Rich Burlew, David Morgan-Mar, and […]

A random rant.

In most programming guides, ESPN scheduled two hours for the Home Run Derby. At 10 PM ET, two hours into the window, we were late in the second round. Prince Fielder had advanced to the second round with a grand total of five home runs. It’s not like they were hitting them out of the […]

We interrupt our ongoing political debate for Hussie’s latest pre-break kisstravaganza.

(From MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck. Click for full-sized party at English’s place.) I had been holding off on writing a Homestuck post because I was waiting for all the twists and turns to finish building up to the end-of-act flash… so naturally Hussie announces there’s going to be a flash before the end-of-act flash. (I […]

The Occupy Tea Party Platform, Part II: Obamacare

Health care reform and universal health insurance is one of those issues that has popped up time and again in American politics for decades, dating back to Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid, if not further. Both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton tried and failed to enact their own reforms. […]