State of the #OccupyTea series

Boy, for something I had such high hopes for, that I spent half the year bringing myself to get started, this series has been something of a massive disappointment. Not even in the sense that it hasn’t attracted anyone new to Da Blog; I’ve become used to that sort of thing when it comes to my forays into politics. No, this series has been a disappointment because:

  • I was originally hoping to have something of a buffer going when I started, and I kept postponing starting it for weeks at a time to avoid having only two posts in the series in a week. Well, when I actually did start it the second post (Part I of the Platform) was only mostly done, and now I’m finishing a week with only two posts.
  • While each post hasn’t taken that much time cumulatively, I’ve been short on actual time to work on it, especially since I can’t even get stuff done at home during the day even when there isn’t anything going on at the high school across the street. As a result, each post has taken up most of a day to get done, leaving me little time to work on other projects, or even other posts in the series.
  • You may have noticed that I’ve sometimes sidestepped a number of issues, or given them lip service. Besides my inability to untangle very complex issues, there’s also the fact that, because I haven’t been able to work with a buffer, the series has progressed in an ad hoc fashion, with me being unable to preplan the order of posts so things build logically on top of one another. A number of these issues are extremely interconnected.
  • More to the point, not only do I dread working on this series, I had already largely discounted this series as an effort to attract more readers to Da Blog, and it may actually detract from another project I’m more interested in working on.

As such, I will no longer attempt to hold myself to a post a day. I will try for a post a week minimum, and preferably two with me trying to work on as many as possible, but I reserve the right to abandon the series entirely if I see fit.

Don’t expect me to give you a post in this series on Monday, either. I’m way overdue for a sports graphics roundup.

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