Want to know how my day went?

First, I had to go to an out-of-the-way town to get my state ID card renewed, missed the place to do so, kept looking for too long (really past the point where I should have by all rights stopped), had to walk 15 minutes to get back there, which left me too pissed off to focus on anything else while I waited, and STILL saw the bus I needed to take to get back pass me by just as I was done, leaving me stuck for almost an hour.

Then, I found out that there was a live band playing outside the library for some reason, AND I was locked out of the house, not that I would have wanted to stay there anyway because I could hear music even there (not to mention baseball across the street).

Then, after I passed the time elsewhere for a while, I waste way too much potentially productive time doing something else instead of the next part of the new series.

That next part will go up sometime Saturday morning or afternoon, and I’ll try to get the part after that up later in the day Monday, and work on as many parts as I can over the weekend. I may also introduce an #OccupyTea category for the new series. That’s right, I’m resorting to Twitter hashtags as categories. Clearly, we have reached a new low.

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