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Welcome to Concrete Promises for Vague Reasons Theater.

As I said earlier in the week, this has been a singularly unproductive week in an unproductive summer. However, I have reason to believe next week will be different. Because for the next week, I will not be able to engage in an activity that has been keeping me up at night. It probably isn’t […]

On a completely unrelated note, goddamn do I hate Windows Update.

(From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Click for full-sized unnatural selection.) Sometimes I think SMBC is a little too mean-spirited for its own good. Oh, those kooky alternative medicine users, with their disdain for things like “evidence”! It’s not as though a substantial portion of what was once considered “alternative medicine” has since become backed by […]

Some brief words of disappointment

This is shaping up to be an unproductive week in an unproductive summer. It already didn’t help that I became obsessed with a fantasy football draft, but over the weekend I found myself getting hooked on the Comics Curmudgeon. I’d heard of it and from it many times before, but it took discovering its per-comic […]

The past and future of the Olympics

Once, the Olympics were considered among the most pure of sports events, because of its tradition of amateurism. But today, years after it was abandoned, its past of amateurism is holding the Games back. For the Olympics to be for amateurs only seemed natural in the early 20th century as the Games and the Olympic […]

Great, ANOTHER streak-filler post?

I was planning on writing a post wrapping up the Olympics in more ways than one… but my day became completely occupied with my fascination watching the FantasySharks drafts over the course of the day. And my own league wasn’t even part of it, being stuck at #2 for over nine hours. I may have […]

See, if this were Order of the Stick, I’d know all the points I’d need to make by heart and wouldn’t need to re-read the whole thing.

(From Gunnerkrigg Court. Click for full-sized homework assignment.) Remember when I did my original review of Gunnerkrigg Court, and talked about how a major theme of the comic was the conflict between magic and technology? Well, Tom Siddell is turning that theme completely on its head. When we started a chapter entitled “The Great Secret”, […]

What Arab oil has to do with the Premier League – and the sports TV wars

ESPN. Fox. NBC. Al Jazeera? One thing that has become apparent to those following the world of international sports in recent years is that you don’t bleep with oil money. There’s no other way to explain why the United States lost the 2022 World Cup to Qatar of all places, in spite of all its […]

Introducing the Morgan Wick Fantasy Football Fifty Challenge!

Last year, I decided to carry out a project called the Simulated Experts’ Fantasy League. I’d take the “big boards” of eight prominent fantasy sites and draft an eight-team league using each of them, then play out a season. It was an interesting experiment, but not one I’d like to try again with. I intended to […]

Sizing up NBC’s new French Open contract

After NBC lost the Wimbledon contract, I expected it to be only a matter of time before it lost the contract to the French Open. If NBC didn’t decide it was time to get out of one of the lesser grand slams after losing the premier grand slam to cable, Roland-Garros surely would award it […]

What a time for the RSS feed to stop working.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized sober confessions.) This comic really says a lot about where both Tai and Dora are right now. I have to say I’m kind of shocked by Tai’s actions here. At least her conversation with Dora the previous night happened while she was drunk, and it’s made clear that at […]