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Reassessing the new sports radio wars

CBS may not just be the favorite to take the #2 spot behind ESPN Radio in the Darwinian world that has developed in national sports radio. It has a chance to run down ESPN for #1. In an absolutely shocking move, Jim Rome, the dean of national sports radio hosts, will be jumping ship to […]

2012 College Football Rankings – Week 4

This will be my penultimate year of the college football rankings. There are a couple reasons for this, not just the new playoff – namely, conference realignment is making college football unrecognizable to me (the Princeton-Yale Title is going to be unified with the 2010 TCU title this week, shockingly early in the season, and […]

The Zen of Toasterdom

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized ambitions.) I bleeping hate Emily. Her “endearing” loopiness is fast grating on my nerves, and the fact she’s starting to supplant Marigold as the figure taking over the comic only makes it worse. If the two of them were ever to meet, I’m quite sure the universe would explode. […]

Why not even the Debacle in Seattle will bring the real refs back

By now you’ve heard all about the controversial play at the end of Monday night’s Packers-Seahawks game, the nadir of the NFL’s ongoing Replacementgate. With the entire country blowing up around it, surely this is the incident that forces the NFL’s hand and gets them to finally bring the lockout of the real refs to […]

So, what’s this newfangled “webcomics” thing, anyway?

DISCLAIMER: The linking of a webcomic in this post should not be taken to mean these are the only good webcomics out there, or even that I necessarily endorse them. They are primarily intended as demonstrations where they appear. “Wet tonic”? What’s that? A webcomic is, basically, a comic that appears on the web. It’s […]

I’ve figured out why this streak is so much more challenging than the last one.

One problem I’ve realized I’ve had recently is that even my filler posts leave me stumped. If I don’t find anything going down the list of comics I’ve reviewed, my only real recourse is a metapost like this one. You may be wondering why I don’t put up the Erfworld review, or some other post […]

Because when even the Webcomic Overlook – which NEVER comments on comics unless it’s to review them or they’re making actual news – is commenting on something, I have to join in.

(From xkcd. Click for full-sized big world out there.) I think I’ve become more than a little fascinated with xkcd and its wild popularity that seems to transcend anything you might call a “webcomic”. (Questionable Content is over twice as popularĀ asĀ Homestuck? Who knew?) When I originally reviewed it, I was wholly disappointed by it. I […]

Pot, meet kettle.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized fangirlism.) For those of you wondering if Claire had some special quirk that would cause even her… whatever-the-hell-relation-the-guy-with-the-robot-hand has to her… to find her weird, wonder no longer. Nope, it’s just the old “what would happen if you encountered yourself” trick rearing its ugly head, as Claire proves to […]

If I’m posting on Girl Genius of all things, you know I’m desperate to continue The Streak.

(From Girl Genius. Click for full-sized battering ram.) Oh, Girl Genius, your mastery of puns is unmatched! Of the many, many jokes to be seen in webcomics over the past two days, surely this one has produced the most laughs, enough to power a living steampunk (oh I’m sorry, “gaslamp fantasy”) castle! Truly you will […]

Followup on the previous post, preliminary schedule for the week

So the ambitious Homestuck post I was working on? Yeah, I’m kind of burned out on it at the moment. So I’m going to try to bang out an Erfworld review by the end of the week instead. Don’t know what else I’m going to do, but I have a feeling there’s going to be […]