If I’m posting on Girl Genius of all things, you know I’m desperate to continue The Streak.

(From Girl Genius. Click for full-sized battering ram.)

Oh, Girl Genius, your mastery of puns is unmatched! Of the many, many jokes to be seen in webcomics over the past two days, surely this one has produced the most laughs, enough to power a living steampunk (oh I’m sorry, “gaslamp fantasy”) castle! Truly you will be seen as one of the greats in your command of webcomic humor, one whose secrets generations of cartoonists will only be able to hope to unlock!

Seriously, was there any point to this beyond making a lame, groan-inducing pun? Is there really any significance to the castle being attacked by a gigantic ram as opposed to a big block of wood other than “tee hee, you thought we meant it one way and we really meant it another!”

God, I’m spending too much time on a lame pun in a comic I don’t even read enough of to properly grasp what’s going on just because I’m trying to fill out the page so the comic image doesn’t spill over into the next post…

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