I’ve figured out why this streak is so much more challenging than the last one.

One problem I’ve realized I’ve had recently is that even my filler posts leave me stumped. If I don’t find anything going down the list of comics I’ve reviewed, my only real recourse is a metapost like this one.

You may be wondering why I don’t put up the Erfworld review, or some other post that’s been coming down the pike for a while, then. Well, the simple answer is that it’s sort of daunting how long it might take, long enough that it might not solve the problem for tonight. I have no idea how long it’ll actually take, but I doubt I could finish it tonight, and in fact I doubt I could finish it off in the near future.

Next week should be easier. The first College Football Rankings post comes out then, as does a couple of ambitious webcomics posts… and they’re not what you think.

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