Monthly Archives: September 2012

Requiem for a lost summer

In less than a week, school will start up again for me. I had all sorts of ambitious plans for the summer. As it turned out, no thanks to the Webcomic Overlook (and a fairly ambitious Homestuck post I’m trying to write), I couldn’t even get any webcomic reviews in – I couldn’t even catch […]

Is Google the cable company of the future?

Amidst a television landscape of authenticated streaming, pointless restrictions on online viewing, inflated sports rights fees, a-la-carte debates, cord-cutting debates, five-dollar ESPNs, and contentious carriage disputes, a technology giant that originally made its money on the technology responsible for all of this is about to give a bunch of ordinary people in America’s heartland a […]

Hey, when you do a comic like this on a day that a webcomic blogger who’s also a sports fan needs to continue The Streak, this is what results.

(From xkcd. Click for full-sized sports calendar.) I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to call bullcrap on this. People are talking about basketball deep into April, yet switch to baseball all the way until the Finals roll around? Also, I’m afraid American football is likely to be nearly as if not more prominent than baseball in […]

Update on the state of my laptop

So I finally got my laptop back, and not only was my hard drive either reformatted or replaced, I actually got DOWNGRADED to Windows XP instead of Windows 7, EVEN THOUGH WINDOWS 7 CAME WITH THE COMPUTER. Oh, and the sound is crappy, the power cord is being finicky all of a sudden, and the […]

Apologies if I don’t get Ysengrin’s species right. It’s damn near impossible keeping everything straight in this comic.

(From Gunnerkrigg Court. Click for full-sized unsettling thoughts.) I’ve been more than a little puzzled at how both Antimony and Ysengrin have been treating Coyote’s revelations in this chapter as only a “theory”. Certainly the way Coyote explained his secret would be consistent with his attempting to explain something that’s just an idea of his, […]

Acknowledging the Big 12’s new rights agreement

The Big 12 has announced a 13-year rights agreement with ESPN and Fox that will earn the conference about $20 million per year per school, about on par with other BCS conferences. This agreement was so delayed that it held up the final release of the TV assignments for early-season football games and ultimately was […]

The Legacy of Homestuck and the Future of “Webcomics”

In the Year of the Kickstarter, where The Order of the Stick and Penny Arcade have seen runaway success on the crowdfunding site (and you have no idea how pleased I was to find out PA didn’t end up passing OOTS and in fact barely even cracked half a million, or only double its goal), […]

I think comic 2261 pretty much lays out Dora’s feelings for Tai before this whole thing started pretty clearly.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized coaches needing coaching.) Somewhat cleverly, Jeph Jacques had the first date between Dora and Tai result in the two of them hitting it off but with no shortage of awkward moments to confuse anyone looking for signs as to the direction of the relationship.┬áThat said, it’s by now apparent […]

My picks for every NFL game this season

That’s right: I may not be doing the NFL schedule this season, but I am picking all 256 games, plus all 11 playoff games, before the season even starts. Winning teams are listed in bold. Lineal title holders are in italics. Week 1: Cowboys @ Giants Colts @ Bears Eagles @ Browns Rams @ Lions […]

Hopefully the last word on the baseball contract until it’s announced

How might Fox use baseball to set up a Fox Sports network when ESPN has locked up all three of its previous packages? Apparently, by taking a page from Turner’s playbook. As it turns out, it’s being reported that the situation in the room is pretty much as I suggested previously: Turner wants to get […]