This wouldn’t be so bad if the Internet Archive had more of their content from the old site.

Here’s what the proprietors of the Superman through the Ages site apparently decided back in April: “We’re too lazy to perform basic, common-sense steps and research to figure out how to keep our site safe, so we’re going to make it as difficult as possible for us to restore our site by uploading everything manually onto static pages, risking losing all the following we’ve spent nearly two decades building by taking forever to get back the content that was their reason for coming to the site in the first place, if ever! It’s not like the Internet is going to blow up when the new Superman movie comes out in such a way that our collection of classic Superman stories might be a key source of research for certain bloggers looking to weigh in on the controversy!”

Seriously, 99.9% of sites on the Internet, including sites with forums, WordPress, wikis, etc., work just fine with nary a slice of malware or other hackery, but no, you get hit with malware that renders your site mostly offline for over a year before you do anything about it and when you do, you just decide to give up on any and all web technology that wasn’t around when Netscape was big and Geocities reigned (with the possible exception of CSS). I’m sure there are plenty of people who would be willing to pitch in and help you get everything back up faster, but no, that’s just another “security hole” you’re opening up. Never mind the multitude of sites like Wikia or (possibly) that would effectively keep your site safe with their own security upgrades without you having to do anything…

(It also doesn’t help that the only source of updates other than the main page is on Facebook, which I continue to avoid signing up for like the plague, but which I need to sign up for in order to see more than bits and pieces of five comments, which means I can’t see any of what other people have said about the situation or the proprietor’s responses to same…)

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