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Sports Ratings Report for Week of July 8-14

Vwr (000) HH Vwr/ ESPN HH/ ESPN ESPN 380 0.3 380 0.3 ESPN2 169 0.1 169 0.1 GOLF 104 0.1 123 0.1 MLBN 101 0.1 140 0.1 NBCSN 100 0.1 127 0.1 SPEED 81 0.1 93 0.1 NFLN 61 0.1 84 0.1 NBATV 56 0.0 91 0.1 ESPNU 24 0.0 32 0.0 Sports Ratings Highlights […]

Multiples of 100 have become so meaningless in this comic that I decided not to post on the 900th comic so I could post on the one immediately following.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized loyalty roulette.) Remember my Gunnerkrigg Court review, when I mentioned my inability to handle intensely dramatic scenes? Well, The Order of the Stick triggered it twice a few months back. The first came when Belkar delivered the news of Durkon’s death to the rest of the […]

Sports Ratings Report for Week of July 1-7

Vwr(000) HH ESPN 659 0.5 ESPN2 221 0.2 MLBN 114 0.1 NBCSN 112 0.1 GOLF 101 0.1 NFLN 58 0.0 NBATV 40 0.0 ESPNU 38 0.0 Sports Ratings Highlights for Week of July 1-7: Wimbledon Championship Edition I’m probably going to have to find something to fill this space every week to avoid the two […]

Sports Ratings Report for Week of June 24-30

Vwr(000) HH ESPN 729 0.5 ESPN2 251 0.2 GOLF 104 0.1 MLBN 86 0.1 NBCSN 71 0.0 NFLN 62 0.1 NBATV 34 0.0 ESPNU 33 0.0 It’s possible that within 24 hours I’ll have all the information I’m going to get from this week, so all that’ll be left is to wait three weeks so […]

Sports Ratings Report for Week of June 17-23, plus Top 50 Most-Watched Sports Events of the First Half of 2013

Sports Ratings Highlights for Week of June 17-23: NBA Finals Conclusion Edition Numbers compiled from a variety of sources, including TV by the Numbers, The Futon Critic, Sports Media Watch, and Son of the Bronx. Vwr (mil) HH 18-49 Time Net NBA Finals: Spurs @ Heat, Game 7 26.32 15.3 10.6 6/20 9:00 PM ABC […]

Rethinking the Mythology of Superman

I’ve never had a particularly good grasp of the notion of Superman as a “Man of Tomorrow”, as some figure who completely changes the course of humanity with his example. I guess I never really got what being an alien from another planet with super powers who goes around beating people up had to do […]

How Windows 8 Changes Everything, Part V: The Reinvention of E-Mail (And How Another Blast from the Past Could Be Your Google Reader Replacement)

If you follow my tweeter, you know that I finally got on board the smartphone bandwagon a few months ago, shortly after completing (or so I thought) this series. I’d lost my cell phone back in February and for all her reticence, Mom wanted me to have a cell phone while she took a vacation […]