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The Nexus of Television and Sports in Transition, Part IV: Pricking the Bubble

The cable business model might be the greatest scam in history, and the best part is that it’s entirely legal. It’s not merely that cable networks get to collect money from the dual revenue streams of advertising and subscriber fees. It’s that they collect subscriber fees from every single person who subscribes to cable. ESPN […]

The Nexus of Television and Sports in Transition, Part III: The Fight for the Sports Cable Dollar

For gearheads, August 17, 2013, may well go down as Black Saturday. The first signs of it were the previous day, when many of the personalities heading up Speed Channel’s coverage of NASCAR practice and qualifying started talking about the end of an era, and the network’s Trackside talk show held its final edition ever. […]

The Nexus of Television and Sports in Transition, Part II: College Sports’ Faustian Bargain: A Case Study in ESPN’s Influence

No one could have imagined just how much the NCAA v. Board of Regents decision would end up changing college football. The colleges who brought the suit simply wanted more control over the television contract, and for most of the 80s the CFA didn’t offer much that was different from what the NCAA had been […]

The Nexus of Television and Sports in Transition, Part I: The Worldwide Leader in Profits

Situated on US 6 about 20 miles southwest of Hartford, the town of Bristol, Connecticut, was one of the early New England industrial towns. Incorporated in 1785, a few years after the end of the American Revolution, its economy took off as it became known as a clock-making town, eventually becoming home to the American […]

The Free and Open Internet: 1989-2014?

This is the way net neutrality ends: not with a bang, but with a whimper. That’s my takeaway from the FCC’s unveiling a little over a week ago of its proposed new net neutrality rules, the replacement for the rules the courts threw out this past January, that effectively undermine the core premise of net […]