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Wednesday, January 28 TV Ratings Report

Time for another ratings post proof-of-concept! This time I’m wading into the general ratings world. Ever since The Futon Critic stopped doing final ratings last year, we don’t have a site that lists broadcast and cable shows alongside each other, and we’ve never had them listed on a time-period basis like this so we can […]

Weekend Sports Ratings for January 24-25

As I acknowledged a while back, the only three networks that can regularly top 100,000 viewers for their studio shows are ESPN, ESPN2, and NFL Network, making it pointless to do a daily Studio Show Scorecard until other networks can at least reach that threshold. Until then, there really isn’t any competition for ESPN. In […]

Ensuring a #CommActUpdate for the Twenty-First Century

The Republican-controlled House Energy and Commerce Committee has been collecting input for a comprehensive update of the Communications Act for over a year now, with an eye towards a “technology-neutral” law that avoids placing different technologies in different regulatory “silos” and instead treats equivalent technologies equivalently. Towards that end, it has been issuing a series […]

2014 MLB Regular Season Ratings Wrap-Up

Putting this post together was a mess. This year coincided with the Son of the Bronx shutdown, which affected MLB far more than other sports, and while I did lean on the guy to provide MLB Network and other baseball ratings from the “gap” I didn’t realize he would only provide the top five shows […]

Predictions for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015

The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s selections are performed by a panel of 46 leading NFL media members including representatives of all 32 NFL teams, a representative of the Pro Football Writers of America, and 13 at-large writers. The panel has selected a list of 15 finalists from the modern era, defined as playing all […]

Overall Sports Network Ratings for 2014

Primetime – 2014 Vwr (000) 18-49 (000) 1 2321 1010 = +6% #1 2 469 174 = -2% #3 3 385 181 = -4% #2 4 340 140 +1 +46% #5 5 300 142 -1 +8% #4 6 132 46 = -6% #8 7 128 62 +1 +10% #6 8 123 35 -1 -11% #10 […]

The Top 20 Most-Watched Shows of Fox Sports 1’s First Year

My hope for this post was to encompass everything from the first year of Fox Sports 1 to get a good sense of a “typical” year in the life of FS1, even if it didn’t have the MLB playoffs, the World Cup, or US Open, before the same event from multiple years layered on top […]

2014 FIFA World Cup Ratings Wrap-Up

Here are the numbers for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in English and Spanish as far as I can determine given the severe constraints I had to work with. I complained last year about SportsBusiness Daily mysteriously completely dropping Univision’s numbers for the FIFA Confederations Cup, but this year the problem was much worse, because […]

SlingTV Isn’t Breaking Up the Cable Bundle. It’s Preserving It.

Dish took the wraps off its long-in-the-works Internet-delivered TV service today, long known as “NuTV” but now officially known as SlingTV. (Dish has a working relationship with the Slingbox company but there is no other relationship between SlingTV and Slingbox.) For $20 a month you can sign up for a dozen channels from Disney, Turner, […]

2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs Ratings Roundup

Here are US ratings for all but two games of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs. NHL Network is not rated by Nielsen, so numbers are not available for Avalanche-Wild Game 3 or Lightning-Canadiens Game 4. There are a number of oddities on this list. At 4.1 million viewers, the finish of the Western Conference Final […]