Sigh… this never ends

99% of the time, I’m a – well, not nice guy, but certainly not an absolutely terrible one. 99% of the time, I go on with life just fine, doing work and my own things, and don’t really cross other people the way they sometimes cross me.

The remaining 1% of the time, though, seems to completely overwhelm the remaining 99%.

What is going on here? If college expects everyone to act absolutely perfect all the time, how is it even possible for anyone to leave high school not perfect? If high school and lower levels aren’t to make people perfect, and can easily shepherd imperfect people along past it, shouldn’t college recognize that and not assume that everyone is going to act perfect all the time?

Not as though either level should be in the business of teaching social mores, but if there are going to be people who are coming in without the requisite social mores then, at some level, there needs to be a class in social mores. If school is going to teach those things instead of academic topics, they should at least be upfront about it.

And if Asperger’s syndrome numbers are really on the rise, not just a result of better diagnoses (and maybe even if it is, since that would mean millions of people have been treated inappropiately to their reality), you need to be ready. Everyone needs to be ready.

What were my parents thinking when they didn’t indoctrinate me? Or brainwash me as the case may be? Never assume anyone is going to take the burden off your shoulders, or that anything is going to happen “naturally”.

Sometimes I’ll act out how I feel about certain people’s idiocy. But if it’s that extreme you’ve embarrassed yourself already. The chances aren’t any worse than it otherwise would, it just might have a little more punch.

I’m done ranting, but believe me, you haven’t heard the last of me…

Update on the below "Update"

I never did get around to writing up any sort of defense. I’m going to be leaving the Seattle University residence halls over the weekend and will likely not really bother much with Da Blog until the summer, because of restrictions on my Internet access.

About the only thing I’m certain to take on for Da Blog is a project that I’ll provide more details on before too long.

Update on my current situation

I’ve gotten into big trouble, which could be an understatement. I may be forced to move out of on-campus housing soon. I intend to write up an impassioned defense over the weekend and intend to post it on Da Blog after presenting it on Monday.

If I do get kicked out, it may hamper my ability to work on Da Blog at all.

Although the poll got more responses in one week than comments have produced over the entire time I’ve solicited for them to pick a blog topic or project to post, it still seemed pretty pathetic. In any event, right now I’m not really in the mood for trying to focus on Da Blog, so I won’t be putting up a more serious poll or really paying close attention to what people are saying until this blows over, whatever outcome it may have.

The random, venting, irrelevant to anything post you have to read

There are a lot of things I don’t take well. Imperfection is one of them. Brain-dead idiocy is another.

I don’t always react to such things, but if I’m already in a bad mood, I might. Generally speaking, if I lash out about it, it’s usually with a bunch of random finger gestures thrown vigorously in your direction.

If you feel threatened, don’t be. No matter how vigorous it gets, it almost never gets more extreme than that, and you’re in no danger if no one takes it to some really dumb extreme. Also, the mere act of doing that is a form of calming me down in many circumstances.

If it isn’t, though, and I don’t storm out of the room, shut up and don’t say anything that might make you look stupid. And don’t dare try and suggest you have a problem with it, that’ll just make me madder.

Because you shouldn’t have a problem with it. You shouldn’t have a problem with anything anyone does. I don’t believe there should be any one definition of “normal”, and I think people should be open-minded enough to accept anything that doesn’t kill them.

The original topic poll I refer to in various posts below is now closed with no resolution, so if the results of the new poll in the post immediately below raise too many problems with me, I’ll reopen it. Also, I’m modifying Da Blog to show 10 posts per page instead of 7, and I should be hitting 100 page views any minute now.

Alone, alone, alone…

You might think someone as abrasive as me wouldn’t last ten seconds with a roommate, and certainly I tried to get a room to myself when I signed up. But Seattle University has a bit of a crunch for space throughout the campus, and no matter how strong a case I might have had, I didn’t stand a chance. So I’ve had a roommate for the course of this year.

It’s gone fairly well, but the roommate just left Saturday. I don’t think I drove him away; I think there’s a lot of reassignment going on. For now, though, I have a room to myself.

Perhaps not all that interesting, but I do intend to add the latest updates in my own life to Da Blog when events warrant…

18 years of experience described in, what, an hour?

The other day I got an assignment from one of my teachers inviting me to submit a brief one-paragraph autobiography of sorts to introduce myself to the class.

My first thought: Great! A chance to plug Da Blog! For you see, at the time Da Blog still registered as having zero visitors happening by. (That seems to have changed this weekend, though. Congrats to all six of the visitors who have happened by since Friday! What led you here, though?)

As I do with almost everything, though, I procrastinated until this evening, planning on doing something I never got around to doing. As I sat down to write it, though, I realized that in my first post I presented to you a portrait of me frozen in time. I haven’t given the backstory behind my life that would add a palpable, possibly essential, dimension of context to what I say here. I gave you where I was on one day in December 2006, but not where I was in the eighteen and a half years before then.

So, then: a brief version of the story of my life.

I was born in Seattle… well, technically I was born in a suburb of Seattle, but my parents lived in Seattle so I lived in Seattle for my first five or so years of life. During this time we lived in a living space in the basement of another house. (It sounds more dirt-poor than it is. It was actually fully furnished and lit and everything.)

When I was five, my parents moved to Los Angeles and lived in an apartment in the Venice neighborhood (as in Venice Beach) south of Santa Monica. My dad, heretofore an aspiring stand-up comedian, got jobs as extras in TV shows (some episodes of Babylon 5) and movies (Forrest Gump). After a year, the market research firm my mom had worked at became desperate, and she moved back to the Seattle area, taking me with her. We lived with her parents just outside Issaquah, another Seattle suburb.

After another year my dad came back up as well, and we rented a house in the same neighborhood as the house we first lived in when I was born. I would have been about seven, so this would be in 1995. It was during this time that I first got a computer for full-time use (as opposed to mooching off ones in Mom’s office, just in time for Windows 95 to be on it. I quickly became addicted, especially after discovering the Internet.

It was also during this time that I took a stand against a teacher I really didn’t like by basically not doing anything all day at school. I finished up second grade being home-schooled by my dad. That summer our landlords decided to either sell the house or rent it to someone else (I forget which) and we had to move again, this time staying in Seattle but moving across the freeway. After having never lived in any house for more than a year since I was five, I would stay in this house all the way up to college, and my mom still lives there.

I was put in another school, but was taken out again after one or two months. In late November I was put in a special-ed room at yet another school and started riding in those small buses you probably have associated with special-ed at some time or another.

My dad, having had a taste of acting, directed and starred in a super-low budget film that looks like it was shot on a camcorder and not on film around 1998. Filmmaking has been his life’s calling since then, and he plans to move back to LA later this year. After getting rave reviews with his first film, he decided to make another film with a higher budget, planning to shoot some scenes in the high school I would ultimately attend early in my freshman year. That film has yet to move very far beyond the point it was then since then, and in 2006 he ultimately made another incredibly low-budget film. He has taken much ribbing from me about that movie, and it has become our family’s equivalent of the sitcom dad who always stakes fame and fortune on hitting the winning lottery ticket.

After elementary school I went to middle school, in a place right across the street from my preschool home, and at first spent basically all my time in the special ed room again. The effort to “mainstream” (the move to verb every unverbed word strikes again!) me began almost immediately, and by the end of sixth grade instead of having all but one period in the special ed room I was spending all but one period out of it, which would be the pattern throughout middle and high school.

Meanwhile my parents got divorced, which at first seemed like a divorce on paper only, but it eventually led to Dad moving out of the house. Mom got tired of the “Dilbert“-like course of business at the market research firm and started training for network certification. Once she was done with that, she took a job as a technical support worker at Seattle University, which had the added side effect of making tuition for me when it was time for me to go there absoultely free. Which, in turn, made it possible for me to even consider it in the first place. While waiting for the Ever-Absent Movie Contract, Dad took jobs as a cook, working at one area pizza place first as a delivery guy and then a pizzeria cook for many years, until last year, when he left to become a manager at another pizza place. (Why not the place he’d been working for for years? For the same reason Mom left the market research firm.)

After middle school I went to high school, and after high school I went to college, and I’m really skipping over a lot of things that happened along the way. I’m sure some of those things will trickle out over the course of Da Blog. For example, two of the five colleges I applied to were in LA, so I accompanied Dad on a trip down there in late 2005, which he spent trying to grease the movie wheels and I spent rediscovering the place I hadn’t been in for over a decade.

So, that’s my life. On an unrelated, and yet somehow not, note, expect me to have a lot of trouble ending blog posts, but hey…

In the beginning…

…there was a little blog.

With this, I officially do not think there is anyone left in my age group without a blog, MySpace, Facebook, full-fledged web site, or other centralized place of expression and/or networking. I’d certainly be surprised to find anyone in that category.

I mean, if I’m joining some craze it must have legs of some sort. I’m normally a severe nonconformist: if some fad is all the rage with my peers, that deters me from joining it. You won’t see me get a MySpace or Facebook account. But, you know, I’ve always thought about getting a web site some day, and maybe spouting off on there on whatever is going on or is in the news, which is basically what a blog is for, and I don’t consider myself quite ready to go “all the way” yet, and the drive to begin spouting off… it’s been strong recently.

So I’ve started this. What can you expect? Well, I’m not sure (more on that later), but you’ll get my opinions. Sometimes they’ll be offbeat, sometimes colorful, sometimes even mainstream. You’ll probably also hear what’s going on in my life. If you’re lucky, you’ll get more than my opinions or life story. You’ll get other stuff, some of it quite informative.

But wait, you say – who the heck am I? Well, that’s a good question. My name is Morgan Wick, I’m 18 years old and I’m a freshman at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington, USA, North America, Earth, Sol, Milky Way. Except for a one-year interregnum in Los Angeles I’ve lived in Seattle or thereabouts my entire life, and I’ve never left the Pacific time zone at all. My interests are too numerous to mention, as are my hobbies. I hope, one day, to be notorious enough that this blog will become rather closely watched by media types, or at least I hope not to be dirt poor and needing to sneak in time at libraries to post when I grow up. This blog will serve as a journal of my quest from muddled confusion and procrastination to some sort of success.

I have zero friends, zero chance of making friends, and less than zero desire to make friends. I’m abrasive, crusty, self-centered, and prone to temper, at least in person – just like humanity.
That’s because I have (or at least have been diagnosed with) Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of “high functioning autism” (to quote one of my teachers who probably quoted someone else) that’s not as debilitating as might come to mind when you hear the word. Describing its core is probably impossible in a few short sentences, but one leading scholar in the field (or so I’ve heard – man, I’ve really been reduced to repeating this teacher!) defined it as “the pursuit of knowledge and truth” with “alternative priorities and perceptions”.

If it weren’t for the necessities of life I’d probably live completely alone and spend my days eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing games on my computer. I often start grandiose projects I have no chance of finishing and tire of them, many involving an elaborate alternate universe (or several!) with no bearing on my real life. Those and the strong desire to have fun often distract me from my schoolwork. I often think in very logical terms. I often think of grandiose questions of philosophy (human nature is a favorite) and also think of far more vulgar things. I am incredibly shy and rarely converse. Sometimes when I’m stressed out I’ll pound on a table, a book, and anything else nearby, and you’ll probably think I’m on the verge of flipping out (and believe me, I CAN flip out) when in reality doing all that took me off of that verge and doing anything based on that assumption will succeed only in driving me back to that verge.

I’m a perfectionist and have little tolerance for mistakes, especially stupid ones. I don’t care whether something is a small issue – small issues get too little love! I don’t intend to fix my warts because I don’t want to become like everyone else. If you met me and you heard all my thoughts and saw what I do in certain situations you might think I was insane.

I’ll post more about me as we go along.

But you know, I don’t want to post just about me. I have a lot of interests and I like to study them intently. Anything I’m interested in, I’m probably keeping something that deeply explores it. I’d like to share my opinions, and I’d like for this to be a source for more than my ramblings. I’d like people to come here for some reason. I’d like this blog to have a topic that’s not just me, though I will post plenty about me and I will branch out into other fields as we go along. And because I have so many interests, some of which my parents don’t know about and which I hope they don’t know about (I don’t spend all my time staring at porn or smoking dope!), I’d like to turn it over to you. What do YOU want this blog to be about? You can choose just about anything. If you want some ideas, some of my interests are on my Wikipedia user page, though that’s far from a complete list, and you don’t have to choose something I’m interested in. Maybe I can be introduced to a new interest for me to get incredibly wrapped up in. Go ahead! Sound off by leaving a comment on this first entry.

2007 will come with a new blog on the scene, and it will be the start of a journey for me and… (looks around, hears crickets chirping) well, probably just me for now, but as we go along this train, I hope, is going to pick up some passengers and start being read by some people, and maybe even a significant number.

Which will probably compound my embarrasment in my later years looking back on some of the stuff I’ve posted, but…