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It’s only a matter of time before Rose signs up for Bubblr.

(From MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck. Click for full-sized DRUNKEN LESBIAN GLOWING VAMPIRE TROLLKISS 2012.) I have said very little – okay, nothing – about the progress of the intermission so far, and I suspect I’m going to save most of my remarks for when the intermission is over. I’ve been trying to put together two […]

What a wasted week.

So on Sunday, I started a new focus medication. In the following week, I did exactly zero work on anything pertaining to school or a non-football project I’m working on for the site. The idea was that the focus medication would help me get some work done. But now I wonder if it’s helping me […]

Update on my school year

Okay, I’ve clearly completely failed at managing my projects vis-a-vis actual schoolwork, because I’m tired all day and I’m falling horribly behind on it, despite the fact that I was trying to make one of my projects into schoolwork. Obviously the FF50 challenge is a major timesuck, but there’s one or two other projects as […]

Requiem for a lost summer

In less than a week, school will start up again for me. I had all sorts of ambitious plans for the summer. As it turned out, no thanks to the Webcomic Overlook (and a fairly ambitious Homestuck post I’m trying to write), I couldn’t even get any webcomic reviews in – I couldn’t even catch […]

Update on the state of my laptop

So I finally got my laptop back, and not only was my hard drive either reformatted or replaced, I actually got DOWNGRADED to Windows XP instead of Windows 7, EVEN THOUGH WINDOWS 7 CAME WITH THE COMPUTER. Oh, and the sound is crappy, the power cord is being finicky all of a sudden, and the […]

Setting the stage for the next week

My laptop is on its way to HP. Under the circumstances, it looks like I’m probably going to be working off Mom’s computer for all of next week, and maybe into the week after that. The FF50 challenge looks to be in good shape. I may have to either move Tuesday’s drafts later, or move […]

As if I wasn’t having enough trouble getting anything done this summer…

So, the frame of the screen of my laptop has become disconnected from the screen itself in one corner, AND one hinge has come loose, so I’m going to have to send it in to be repaired and that could take over a week. The timing on this could not be worse as it jeopardizes […]

Bakson busy bakson.

Even if I wanted to write an actual post, I’m too tired after a long day with small meals to do so. But even if I could, I’d probably be pouring into the new OOTS book I just got. (Mom tells me I should be saving for a new laptop. Psh!) Coming sometime Friday: a […]

A change of pace.

So, I think I’m starting to solve the problem of my beating my head against the wall on these projects I’ve been spending the whole summer trying and failing to work on. I’ve been doing so by working on another project that’s longer-term but that I haven’t been beating myself up as much on. Maybe […]

Welcome to Concrete Promises for Vague Reasons Theater.

As I said earlier in the week, this has been a singularly unproductive week in an unproductive summer. However, I have reason to believe next week will be different. Because for the next week, I will not be able to engage in an activity that has been keeping me up at night. It probably isn’t […]