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Secret Wars and the Death of Superhero Comics

I blame everyone who ever bought a New 52 comic. Back in January Marvel announced it would be launching a new Secret Wars event, 30 years after the original, except this one would be far more than a diversion for some superheroes to jump to a faraway planet, come back, and see all the battles […]

Rethinking the Mythology of Superman

I’ve never had a particularly good grasp of the notion of Superman as a “Man of Tomorrow”, as some figure who completely changes the course of humanity with his example. I guess I never really got what being an alien from another planet with super powers who goes around beating people up had to do […]

This wouldn’t be so bad if the Internet Archive had more of their content from the old site.

Here’s what the proprietors of the Superman through the Ages site apparently decided back in April: “We’re too lazy to perform basic, common-sense steps and research to figure out how to keep our site safe, so we’re going to make it as difficult as possible for us to restore our site by uploading everything manually […]

How to really revitalize the DC Universe

You know what the saddest part of DC’s “New 52” “soft reboot” (apparently they’re calling it that now, apparently out of a realization of just how reboot-like it is) is? A hard reboot isn’t really that bad an idea. I can understand why they don’t want to do it. Aside from alienating existing fans, they […]

Are superheroes dying a slow death?

The way in which the “new DCU” will work is even worse than I anticipated. Crisis on Infinite Earths tried to make it so that most of the major events that had occured before the Crisis were still canon, but hadn’t necessarily occured the way they were originally chronicled. The present reboot will attempt to […]

What DC Comics’ revamp really means

This may be a two-part post, though the second part probably won’t be under the “webcomics” heading. If you’re not familiar with comics history, get a crash course before continuing with Part II of “Webcomics’ Identity Crisis”. This September, DC will effectively reboot its entire universe (well, not really – more on that in a […]

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

It’s a time-appropriate RID… and one of the oddest Halloween costumes I’ve ever heard of. “I’m 2-D!”

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Now this is why I was optimistic about the changes in StumbleUpon getting me better RIDs! I think this is the second time in RID history I’ve been delivered to something I was already familiar with. This version is more current, but if only the poses weren’t so generic…

Blog of Webcomics’ Identity Crisis: The End of the Second Comic Book Distribution System?

Once upon a time, you went to the newsstand to pick up the newspaper, some highbrow and lowbrow magazines, and the favorite comic books. That was the first comic book distribution system. It was marked by a wide variety of genres and publishers until about the 1960s. Then comic book stores and the direct market […]

Blog of Webcomics’ Identity Crisis: The Future of Print

Excellent article on issues surrounding print comic books if forced to move to the web by some of the same market forces afflicting newspapers.