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How Windows 8 Changes Everything, Part I: The Rebirth of Microsoft

What you have seen and heard should leave no doubt that Windows 8 shatters perceptions of what a PC now really is. We’ve truly reimagined Windows and kicked off a new era for Microsoft and a new era for our customers…With a glance, you will always know what’s going on in the world and with […]

Windows Security Tools Missing after Malware/Virus Infection – How To Restore

I’m starting to become a convert to the cause of Macs. I spent much of the past week trying to clean up after my computer got hit with some malware, and I’m still not completely sure it’s entirely gone even after running multiple anti-malware and anti-virus programs for HOURS of my life I’ll never get […]

It doesn’t help that the closest non-university supplier of USB drives that I know of has such a limited selection.

If you use USB drives… and you’re fed up with losing caps and thinking of getting a retractable connector… and you want your USB drives to last a long time… especially if you store your stuff on them… …then no matter how tempted you may be, do NOT pick up a SanDisk Cruzer Micro, especially […]


Duh… duh… duh… David Morgan-Mar actually responded to my blog post on Irregular Webcomic! I… I’m completely star-struck right now. (And intensely frustrated with Microsoft at the same time. Would it have killed you to include some mechanism to either kick-start or terminate the stand by or hibernate process in case it got held up […]

Okay, I’m pissed now.

Can I rant for a bit on Microsoft? (Which will probably cause a flock of nerds to come here and follow suit on the basis of that phrase alone, but whatever.) Occasionally Windows will download updates, and some of these will require a reboot. Most of the time, I’m told that I have updates, I […]