Random Internet Discovery of the Week

I’ve had several occasions to watch “The Elegant Universe” and found it fascinating as much for its means of presentation as for its subject matter. But I’ve never seen the third part; pledge-break-filled versions, the only ones I’ve actually seen on my PBS stations, always omit the third part to get you to buy the DVD, and while I watched it on DVD in my high school physics class the teacher never got to the third part there either, and I’m not sure he even finished the second part. If I hadn’t wasted most of my morning and wasn’t on a time crunch regardless I might take this as an opportunity to finally see it. Maybe tomorrow.

Should I point out the new label or are you smart enough to figure it out on your own?

Random Internet Discovery of the Week

Well, I have a new battery for my laptop. There still remains the niggling problem of finding a place to use the Internet. I can’t go to the library for reasons that aren’t worth going into here. The main drag right outside the University of Washington Campus used to be a Wi-Fi hotspot, and you can still see its connection if you open up the list of connections, you just can’t, you know, connect. The place I can connect to the Internet without paying three dollars (though I still have to pay in order not to seem creepy) seemingly stopped working the instant I got there, with the normal quick fix not working either, so I’m crouching down beside the place I normally do have to pay three dollars and typing very slowly and deliberately. I should try to be a posting machine for most of tomorrow, and get a backlog going. A good backlog. I still have something I originally wanted to post two and a half weeks ago!

What is it about me that attracts Buddhism-related sites?

Random Internet Discovery of the Week (a day late but we don’t care)

I had every intention of doing the Random Internet Discovery yesterday, honest, but my schedule has been monopolized this week by the Democratic National Convention, and it ended up slipping. I technically hit the StumbleUpon button last night, but my laptop somehow got unplugged overnight and I have to rewrite the RID.

The discovery itself (I have no use for a gas price list, as I take the bus everywhere – more on that later in the fall) isn’t as important as the fact that before I happened upon it, StumbleUpon prompted me to add 17 more interests for my viewing pleasure, so expect at least a little more variety in the future. I think.