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Why I haven’t put up the results of the Golden Bowl (and a few other news and notes)

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted the results of the first Golden Bowl between LSU and USC, and it’s for the same reason I decided to drop the SuperPower Rankings. The Golden Bowl tournament turned out to be a lot less fun than I had hoped. For almost every game, I […]

Da Blog in LA Recap (what prodigious output!)

For the most part, my week in LA consisted of little more than hanging out around my dad’s house. I had some enlightening conversations with him about heavy topics and briefly caught up with some family, but not much happened. Some catchup from the week that was: NFL Lineal Title news: Carolina picked up the […]

Remember what I said about posting on the Project again?

I’m still waiting for the person I’ve already lined up and my own pace has dramatically slowed. I’m still taking anyone who wants to contribute to the Project by writing up their favorite films. A link to my e-mail is available from my profile; link on the right side. A firm list of taken films […]

Changes to Da Blog that also affect Da Web Site (and other musings)

Very few people who visit Da Blog appear to be going from there to my web site. In a related story, my sidebar has become rather cluttered. Therefore, I’ve added a link to the web site to the right side and booted Da Counter to the bottom, since it’s the element of Da Blog you’re […]

100 Greatest Movies Update

I’ve posted up a skeleton mini-site for the 100 Greatest Movies Project on my website here. Feel free to check it out and help me get ready for the launch!

What makes a movie great?

I recently watched On the Waterfront, to knock off a film from the list of films I haven’t seen, and help put me in the mood for the upcoming 100 Greatest Films list. When writing the entry for the film afterwards, I realized something. Having to look up the plot wasn’t my sole deficiency. In […]

Soon To Come: The definitive Greatest Movies List!

When you think of lists of “100 Greatest X”, you think of one “x” above all else: movies. There’s no way I can make my own list of greatest movies. There are so damn many lists out there already, created far more scientifically, that I’m only making more noise. (In the future I hope to […]

Yet Another Greatest Movie List?

Last week the AFI updated their 1998 “100 Years… 100 Movies” list with a “10th Anniversary” update to the list. (Let’s not get into the fact that it technically hasn’t quite been 10 years.) I’m not going to give my opinions on the list, which you can see on Wikipedia here, mostly because I’m not […]