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Final Election Update at 10 PM PT

Obama McCain Proj. 322 152 Auto 147 118 Conf. 147 110 Changes:Obama AUTO PROJECTED and CONFIRMED to win Pennsylvania and Rhode IslandMcCain AUTO PROJECTED and CONFIRMED to win South Carolina and South DakotaMcCain CONFIRMED to win TennesseeMcCain AUTO PROJECTED and CONFIRMED to win TexasMcCain AUTO PROJECTED to win UtahObama CONFIRMED to win VermontObama AUTO PROJECTED […]

Election Live Blog: 9:30 Semi-Last Tally of the Night

Obama McCain Proj. 227 147 Auto 82 68 Conf. 79 54 Changes:Obama AUTO PROJECTED and CONFIRMED to win MassachusettsObama projected to win MinnesotaMcCain AUTOPROJECTED and CONFIRMED to win MississippiMcCain projected to win NebraskaObama AUTO PROJECTED and CONFIRMED to win New JerseyObama projected to win New Mexico and NevadaObama CONFIRMED to win New YorkObama projected to […]

Election Live Blog: 8 PM PT Hour

Obama McCain Proj. 189 147 Auto 55 62 Conf. 21 48 8:06: Politico has Obama at 324 electoral votes after locking up WA, OR, and CA! They’re also calling FL and NM for Obama. People near the place I’m working at are hooting and hollering, probably over the new threshhold. 350 or even 400 is not […]

Election Live Blog: 7 PM PT Hour

Projected EVs: Obama 165, McCain 118 McCain leads auto-projected and confirmed states 8-0. 7:02: New York to Obama. That is the largest prize I’ve awarded so far tonight. A reminder that Politico says the Democrats hang on to the Senate. Obama now has a full-on four-point lead in North Carolina with 41% of precincts reporting. […]

Election Live Blog: 5 PM and 6 PM PT Hour

Projected EVs: Obama 76, McCain 23 I had intended to run a live blog of the election starting at 4 PM PT, but I was late getting back to school from voting and wasted a lot of time looking for a source for election results that I liked. I tracked the primary results coming directly […]

A Notice to People Without a Horse in This Race

If you’re a third party, who do you root for to win today? Obviously you want your own candidates to win. But chances are your candidates don’t really have a chance to win, and the President, I can guarantee with 99.9% certainty, will either be John McCain or Barack Obama. Which one would you prefer […]

A new way to look at election results!

I know this is kind of short notice – I’ve been sidetracked by my ongoing platform examinations – but I’m wondering if anyone wants to help me track the results on election night? Ideally I would have some sort of PHP and MySQL system set up for inputting and tracking results, but because of Freehostia’s […]

Nothing else matters. This is the ONE THING you should vote on.

What is the most important issue in this election? Is it the war in Iraq? Health care for all? Illegal immigration? Surely it’s the economy, right? Wrong. The most important issue in this election, the one that cannot be ignored under any circumstances, is global warming and climate change. I don’t care whether you believe […]

Moving on…

Sports Watcher later today. I hope everyone reading Da Blog or even Sandsday watches the debate tonight. Don’t worry, McCain will show up. Apparently some of the people in the room trying to hash out that bailout effectively told him, “You know, why don’t you just go off to that debate and we’ll work things […]

I knew these scamming idiots were idiots.

Saw this on the side of my Yahoo inbox. Um… guys… I think you have the wrong guy for president on one of those… I know there are some people who might wish this was the race for president, but… (Apologies if this runs too far down the page.)