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A new way to watch election results

(No, this isn’t what I was hinting at earlier.) Assuming you live in the United States, you’re probably used to races being called virtually the instant the polls close. Networks, not wanting to deal with – heaven forbid! – uncertainty (or losing the scoop to a rival network), use exit polls to “cheat” and declare […]

Return of Da Countdown – long-form style

I profess to having something of an interest in politics, and I’m starting to follow the coming 2008 election with some interest. From here until November 4, I’ll be counting down every second here on Da Blog. More such countdowns are forthcoming. UPDATE: Blogger appears to bastardize the JavaScript code in the name of “debugging” […]

Ranking the Presidential Candidates… not!

I’m not really a political junkie, but I do pay a lot of attention when election season rolls around. We’re just two years away from a unique election cycle, when neither a sitting president nor vice-president will be running for president. As with most of the things I’m intensely interested in, I have a project […]