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The Occupy Tea Party Platform, Part II: Obamacare

Health care reform and universal health insurance is one of those issues that has popped up time and again in American politics for decades, dating back to Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid, if not further. Both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton tried and failed to enact their own reforms. […]

Why I’m undecided about the public option

I’m a bit of a bleeding-heart liberal. Maybe it just comes with the territory of living in Seattle. But I try to keep my ears open to the ideas of competing political ideologies. So as much as I think the health care system needs reform and as much as I align myself more with the […]

Examining the Republican Platform Part VI: “Health Care Reform: Putting Patients First”

This is continued from Parts I-V of my examination of the Republican Platform. I say I made good on my guarantee because this is before I went to bed. The rest of the Republican platform deals with social issues, starting with Part VI, “Health Care Reform: Putting Patients First”, which will cross over with the […]

Examining the Democratic Platform Part I: Preamble, the Economic Crisis, and Health Care

(Note: This series should contain curly quotes because I composed it in Word. If it comes out as gibberish instead, or if there’s weird formatting or other unnecessary junk, let me know.) I mentioned two weeks ago that I was encouraged by Barack Obama’s apparent commitment to fighting global warming at the last debate. (Incidentially, […]