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Revisiting Da Blog’s 2009 Predictions

One year ago, I gave you my predictions for the year ahead, and for years to come. How did I do? Let’s take a look: The year in sports is a massive disappointment. Not really. I predicted a Dolphins-Vikings Super Bowl, and we did get one team that wasn’t exactly a “name” team, and the […]

Webcomics’ Identity Crisis, Part VI: On Greatest Lists and the State of Webcomics

Finally, on to the second of the two topics that spawned this series. The Floating Lightbulb is interesting enough that I’m considering adding it to my RSS reader. And I’m not just saying that to get onto its webcomic blog list. I have a feeling Bengo would probably berate me for focusing too much on […]

A more optimistic view of Obama’s term and our future

I think I depressed myself with my predictions for Obama’s future and the future of the nation. So I want to use this space to present a more optimistic vision – a realistic optimistic vision, mind you. Obama pulls the military out of Iraq before a year’s time expires… and into Iran, which swiftly becomes […]

Da Blog’s Predictions for 2009

Because a lot of sites I visit are putting up predictions for the new year, so am I, and I’ll check back in at year’s end to see how I did: The year in sports is a massive disappointment. The Super Bowl pits the Dolphins against the Vikings. North Carolina, after an undefeated regular season, […]