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I’d use a one-word title for this post, but it might get me kicked off of Blogger and/or force me to bump my PW rating up to NSFW.

One problem (possibly) gets solved, and another crops up. So soon after finding out I could be getting a real battery for my laptop, my USB drive stops working. Because my last USB drive got lost, and both were my only means of backing up the contents of my old hard drive, and the one […]

An update, but not really.

Last weekend I attended a relative’s wedding, and at the time I considered making a post about the experience, but most of my thoughts were gone by the time I got home. I did get street sign pictures from it though. They’ll be up on the web site when Freehostia can get its new file […]

Some comments on my street signs, and other webby stuff

A while back (in the Pre-Morgan-Mar-LiveJournal era) I mentioned Samuel Klein’s street blade gallery, and I e-mailed him about mine, and I never got an e-mail back and I never saw anything pop up on his street blade gallery tag, so I thought it had been ignored and that was that. Well, today, on a […]

Hey, it’s a part of the site not named Sandsday getting updated!

Street Sign Gallery is updated with a new batch of signs, all in the Seattle area. Redmond, Bellevue, and Tukwila (okay, okay, Shoreline and the University of Washington too) all get their moments in the sun, as well as a couple new Seattle pictures. I mentioned when I started the project that I didn’t know […]

At the corner of Update Street and Web Site Avenue

In case you haven’t noticed, the strip is back to normal now. Today, however, I want to add something else to the web site. The Internet is an amazing place. When I discovered that there were sites dedicated to nothing but obsessing over America’s roads and highways, I became convinced that there was a website […]