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Savidge v. Obama: Liar? Maybe, but not exactly for the reasons claimed.

Full announcement of Truth Court forthcoming, and an apology to anyone who comes here for more light-hearted reasons, but the reason that, as I indicated in a previous post, I had subscribed to both Media Matters and Newsbusters was because they both serve the important role of keeping the mainstream media in check from opposite […]


Can you believe I had my entire announcement of Truth Court all written up and ready to go, and I click to have my post get published, and my connection HAS to drop at THAT INSTANT, and it turns out that Blogger NOT ONCE saved a copy of my post, and I had to be […]

Truth! What a concept!

I’m not doing any more editions of the News You Can Use feature, unless of course someone paid me for it. It’s another great idea that I think someone should take up as long as it’s not me (like the NFL SuperPower Rankings). The next evolution of it might be something akin to a webcast […]