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The Sling TV-style service ESPN really fears (and why Sling TV has what it has)

According to SNL Kagan estimates from last spring (listed here), here are the most expensive channels on cable (not counting broadcast retransmission fees or regional sports networks): ESPN ($6.61) TNT ($1.65) Disney Channel ($1.34) NFL Network ($1.31) Fox News ($1.12) USA Network ($1.00) FS1 ($.99) TBS ($.85) ESPN2 ($.83) Nickelodeon ($.73) The heavy presence of […]

Cable Television Regulation for the Twenty-First Century

In its highfalutin’ ideals, the Internet is dedicated to the notion of delivering a world of information to all for free, accessible for all to contribute to, available whenever and wherever you want it. Cable television, by contrast,┬ádelivers only the content the cable company sees fit to provide you, the vast majority of it from […]

The Cable Industry’s Fight to Define What the Video Revolution Is Really About

An important step in the dissolution of the distinction between linear television and online video content was taken (or at least started) this week when FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler called for the introduction of a new standard to make cable TV content available to devices other than the cable company-provided boxes most people pay handsome […]

Towards a New Broadcast Television Compact

A common line of argument used to support policies that hurt broadcasters is that broadcasters received their spectrum for free. Cable companies complaining about how slanted retransmission consent supposedly is towards broadcasters claim the government requires them to carry all broadcast stations on the basic tier – broadcasters, they point out, who receive their spectrum […]

TGTSTG Bonus Content: How Comcast Went from Cable Company to Sports Power

As promised, this week I’ll be posting supplementary material consisting of content excised from the book before publication or that I just didn’t have time to write before getting the book out the door, as we prepare for the book’s availability in paperback. This week I’ll try to have one outtake from each chapter from […]

Does ESPN LIKE the “Competition” from Fox and NBC?

Before I left for Seattle for a week and a half, I had reason to start thinking about the possibility of our household becoming a cord-cutting household, because as we were wrapping up the book my Dad mentioned that he had thought about cutting the cord, and maybe that he should cut the cord, but […]

Broadcast Rat Race Week 8: ABC Turns “Wicked City”‘s Lights Off, Throws “Of Kings and Prophets” to Tuesday 10pm Wolves

The only real developments to come out of this week came from ABC, which announced their midseason schedule, which includes a number of shows taking time off until February or March… including a few shows premiering in March, which will have difficulty truly establishing themselves before ABC has to make a decision on their future. […]

Broadcast Rat Race Week 7: NBC: “‘Blindspot’, You Get a Renewal! ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘P.D.’, You Get a Renewal! ‘Mysteries of Laura’, You Get Three Extra Episodes!”

For the most part, the dawn of November sweeps means we’ve moved out of the part of the schedule where new shows’ fates are decided, at least those that premiered in September, and networks’ attention is starting to turn to midseason – or in the case of NBC, next season, as “Blindspot”, “Chicago Fire”, and […]

Broadcast Rat Race Week 6: Full Seasons for “Grandfathered”, “Life in Pieces”, Less So for “The Muppets” As “Supergirl” Flies Out the Gate

There’s not much to read into things this week, with most of Fox’s primetime shows, including everything more popular than “Gotham”, pre-empted for the World Series, resulting in the shows that did air being left without weekly indices. It’s also hard to read anything into the drops for ABC and CBS’ Sunday shows, given they […]

Cord-Cutting is On the Rise, But Is It Too Late to Save Broadcasting?

To hear some people talk, 2015 may be shaping up to be a turning point for the sports TV landscape and that of TV in general, where cord-cutting may be hitting a tipping point and substantially impacting ESPN’s business. It started with the advent of Sling TV allowing people to get ESPN without a traditional […]