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Double dose of the Random Internet Discovery of the Week! Yay!

If you’re interested in fancying yourself a Jackson Pollock and creating your own work of “art”, have at it. There’s something more profound I need to get to. This post (link courtesy Awful Announcing) takes a look at how the blog market could be affected by the present recession. It’s mostly written from a sports blog […]

Self-promotion on Da Blog? MY PREROGATIVE!

(From Sandsday. Click for full-sized shameless self-promotion.) In response to the link to Da Blog’s last webcomics post, someone decided to rap on me by claiming I had been “advertising [Sandsday] by spamming its URL across every webcomics commentary site he could find”. Umm… excuse me? I made multiple attempts at pushing it on Websnark […]

Someone linked to me on the forums and I got over a hundred hits yesterday. And I missed it. Oops.

(From Ctrl+Alt+Del. Click for full-sized commitment. And click here for what I mention in the title. Oh, and this post contains spoilers. Oops.) You notice I’m not even bothering with the Angst-O-Meter for this one. My first reaction to this was: WHAT??? I couldn’t help but think of Lucas and anyone else who might have been […]

The Angst-O-Meter: Day 5

(From Ctrl+Alt+Del. Click for full-sized mixed emotions.) First, with the election approaching, for at least four of the next five weeks Tuesday will become webcomics day again on Da Blog, counting this post. Second, I’m linking to this post from here and here, so expect at least a slight bump in traffic. With this apparent […]

Our long national nightmare is over! I think!

Sandsday should be pretty much back to normal now, so I’m removing the “Sandsday on Da Blog” notice. Freehostia is displaying a notice about their busted MySQL database server, but Sandsday wasn’t showing an error when I checked and seemed to be pretty much back to normal, so I’m guessing I escaped it, or it’s […]

We are triumphant!

I’ve finally condensed the label list, so the sidebar should be significantly shorter. (Could that sentence get any more alliterative?) That means, among other things, Da Blog Ad will now be significantly higher up the page. Considering adding a new element for single-label RSS feeds, but I’d like to have a box where you type […]

Important notice regarding both Morgan Wick Sports and Sandsday

Freehostia’s servers are moving to a new data center in the name of better performance, which means I can’t make any changes to the web site in the meantime. I never did get around to updating the lineal titles; the Princeton-Yale title is now Oklahoma State’s after their upset defeat of Missouri (potentially torturing Texas by […]

It’s a whole new blog promotion paradigm!

So apparently, if I comment on a blog and point out that it has a bug that prevents me from seeing it properly, I get a free link? It’s too bad it’s a WordPress blog, because otherwise I could ask for a counterfavor and wonder how to condense my label list (and – I dare […]

Just a follow-up

I left links to my post earlier today on “The Importance of Voting” on Independent Political Report and Democratic Underground. I would prefer to have left a comment on a conservative site as well, but the only conservative site I’m really attached to is Newsbusters, which is not particularly wont to post anything connected enough […]

Four straight OOTS posts! Four straight!

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized vigilante justice.) I can’t tell if this is because I’m starting to succumb to my temptations to post on every edition of OOTS, or just because things are really ramping up in anticipation of the 600th strip. But it certainly seems odd that a villain built […]