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A not-quite-so-belated blog-day.

In many ways, Year Seven of Da Blog was a wasted year for me. This is the 91st post since my last blog-day post, when I didn’t think I would ever have less than 100 again, considering the circumstances when I last had that few. The reasons I’ve had low post output in the past […]

The Studio Show Scorecard for Week of October 21-27

PT Rnk TD Rnk Oct Distr. (000) PT Vwr (000) LW/LY TD Vwr (000) TD HH TD Vwr LW/LY 1 = 1 = 98891 3055 +14% 1295 0.9 +6% = = 85% 3055 +14% 1295 +6% +9% 3 = 2 = 98861 731 +15% 309 0.2 +4% = = 85% 731 +10% 309 +3% +4% […]

The Studio Show Scorecard for Week of September 16-22

PT Rnk TD Rnk PT Vwr (000) PT/ ESPN TD Vwr (000) TD HH TD/ ESPN 1 1 3387 3387 1306 0.9 1306 = = -20% -18% -16% 0.9 2 2 1393 1920 390 0.3 538 = = +6% +3% +2% 0.4 3 3 562 562 308 0.2 308 = = -11% -9% -7% 0.2 […]

Preparing Da Blog for football season

Football season is just moments away, and that means the busiest period on the site. I’ve finally belatedly updated the lineal titles and here’s what you need to know: Despite the 2010 TCU title being merged with Princeton-Yale fairly early last season, we enter 2013 with one more linear title than we entered last year […]

State of the Sports TV Ratings Landscape

I didn’t realize until recently that Son of the Bronx has been putting up ratings for every single program on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, NBCSN, Golf Channel, and the networks for the three undisputed major sports. Here’s hoping he’ll have Fox Sports 1 numbers by the time that network re-launches in August, because if so it’ll […]

How Windows 8 Changes Everything, Part III: The Nature of Social Media (And What a Blast from the Past Means for the Future of Facebook)

For a lot of people, social media ARE the internet.–John Allison, creator, Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery It’s becoming apparent to me that most people do not use the Internet the way I do. I am not a social media fiend. The only social network I’m on is Twitter, and I’m not even sure […]

Webcomic reviews! That’s a completely original idea!

Back in 2009, during my previous webcomic-reviewing life, I discovered Komix! after that site made multiple appearances in the ads for Da Blog. Though my initial main concern was the ability to add RSS feeds for comics that didn’t have RSS feeds at the time, I got the sense that the real core of the […]

A (very) belated post-apocalyptic blog-day.

So, how’d that Mayan apocalypse go, eh? Funny story: The idea that the Mayan calendar “ended” last week was always wrong to begin with. I always felt that Y2K was an apt comparison for the whole “Mayan apocalypse” hysteria, since last week actually marked the end of the previous and the start of a new […]

Some quick stuff

So I lost most of the day because I was going to post on this newfangled Surface thing, but then I slept and then I had less than an hour to put something together. Between one or two politics-themed posts, being just about ready for a new sports graphics roundup, stuff actually happening in Gunnerkrigg […]

The latest on a potential suite of all-sports Fox networks

So, I said I was going to lay out how a trio of all-sports Fox networks would work, only to find that for the most part, it works with plenty of space to preserve non-live programming, even if you kill FCS. There was one weekend with a multitude of college football games clashing with a […]