Building a brighter future… today!

Okay, in my last post I said I would have a new comic at 11 PM every night. And this is a lot closer to midnight. Well, you see, I’m busy designing a whole navigational interface for the comic (now called “Sandsday”) and I was hoping to get it up tonight. It might still get put up later tonight, and it’ll be up tomorrow night at the latest. But for the moment, if you didn’t see yesterday’s first strip, you’re out of luck.

Drumroll please…

…and this is what I was hinting about earlier.

Okay, it’s not exactly anything impressive right now. In fact at one point I was considering hosting it on Da Blog until I realized there wasn’t much point to that and hosting it on the web site allowed more potential functionality.

New episodes will appear each night probably around 11 PM PT, with some leeway. Although I had originally intended for the “web site news” tag to refer to every single change I made to the web site, part of the reason I’m not hosting this on Da Blog is that I don’t want it to take over Da Blog. Therefore I won’t post every time I put up a new episode. They’ll be going up like clockwork every night sometime after 11, so you know where and when.