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So for whatever reason I didn’t actually update the database for strip #448, which fortunately has nothing to do with the global warming series but which I want to stand alone and be seen anyway. So it’ll have the spotlight to itself for about six hours or more, then #449 will go up and have at least twelve hours to itself if I’m late in posting it, but otherwise after that we’ll proceed as though nothing happened.

Global Warming Series Open Thread

I’m trying to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt where global warming stands scientifically, good or bad, ideally resulting in a case the most hardcore partisan couldn’t ignore, and I don’t want to leave any information on the table. So leave a comment here, or e-mail me at mwmailsea at yahoo dot com, if you have any counterarguments or new information in response to the arguments already presented (with an emphasis on today’s strip, whatever strip that may be) that doesn’t duplicate one of my existing sources, as listed below.

UPDATE 4/12/2009: I’m no longer specifically checking my e-mail for new global warming information; use this thread instead. See this post for details.

It’s possible I may miss something that actually is in one of the sources, and one of the sources is so goldanged long there’s no way I’d get through it all myself, so I’d also be up to being referred to any information already in the sources, and feel free to debate the other side’s information and arguments as well instead of waiting for me.

Supporting the global warming theory:

Opposing the global warming theory:
This last source is so long and thorough I don’t really have time to go through it all, so you can duplicate links from there.

Odd, very odd.

Want to know why today’s strip is so late?

I was preparing for various extraneous things related to the strip (including the basis for what I hope will be a long-term traffic influx) a little after 1 when I dozed off.

When I woke up, it was almost 4.

And that was only the beginning of the madness.

I don’t know if it’s the universe telling me not to launch into this project I’m about to launch into or not… either way, expect the strip to be posted at 9 or 10 AM PT the rest of the week.

Not a good day.

I was all set to have a mostly April Fool’s-free day. I would be spending most of my time preparing for the next epic Sandsday series. I wouldn’t get tripped up by anything today, that’s for damn sure.

Well, I’ve been dodging April Fool’s jokes left and right on the Internet, while getting bogged down in writer’s block and distractions for the series and fighting off a headache. (Right now I have two strips written and they’re probably going to get the hatchet treatment.) And I have an assignment I need to get done for tomorrow… and last night I got around to coming up for an idea for the OOTS post that doesn’t rely on following the current strips but which is going to take quite a bit of doing… and I still need to look for a job… and I’m already getting a head start on falling behind on the textbook…

Maybe I can make some incremental progress on the series while waiting to see the new OOTS strip…

This is a bit later than I originally intended to do this, but…

I’ve finally added a link graphic page to Sandsday. Now you can support Sandsday by adding a pretty picture to your site! The navigation is now significantly different, no longer using the main site’s sidebar.

The leaderboard (728×90) and skyscraper (160×600) images are bigger than I know what to do with at the moment, so I don’t recommend using them. Not that you would expect to use them for regular linking as opposed to ads in the first place.

(I have some idea of what I might do with the skyscraper down the line, but the leaderboard is a bit more vexing.)

Because if I had any readers, this would be much-clamored for by now. I know I’ve been wanting it.

The speed with which this happened both impresses and … what’s the word… humbles me. (I mean, I’m being listed on this site scarcely a week after Evil Inc.!)

Thanks to Komix!, you now have an RSS feed, of sorts, for Sandsday, which you can access here. It’s a bit of a stopgap until I can figure out how to get a real RSS feed. (For one thing, if you use this RSS feed you have to put up with the Komix interface.)

The strip has an entire landing page at Komix, and you can utilize the Komix features with Sandsday if you feel the need to. (There’s even a discussion board if you want it.)

As it’s become obvious that Buzzcomix is likely NOT coming back, I’m clearing both links to it from the strip page (I don’t need the Buzzcomix Reader link anymore anyway) and replacing it with a link to Komix. Tomorrow? Link graphics.

The gazillionth "I’m reducing my workload" post

I have four posts I want to get to over the course of the next week: the state of Ctrl+Alt+Del and Darths and Droids, and two sports-related posts. All but one requires me to be connected to the Internet to do most of the work. But those and the RID are all you’re getting over the next week and I may backslide on one or two of those.

After that, I’m going to try and refocus on webcomics reviews as my main focus of posting, in order to get work done on other things. I have a paper to do for a class I’ve been falling behind on the reading in, I have to try and find a real job, I have to work on a lengthy series for Sandsday, I have to work on a series of posts I have planned for the summer. I have to figure out what I’m going to do with my life.

I put too much stuff on my plate this quarter; my schedule is only supposed to be this full in the fall when I’m doing football-related stuff. I need to get back to basics in a sense. But between my RSS feeds, the above projects, my webcomic reviews, and another fairly major project that will partly spin out of the “Webcomics’ Identity Crisis” series… is anything really changing? Am I really reducing my workload?

For once, NOT a notice of the latest delay to the next webcomic post!

Tomorrow’s strip isn’t done yet, and I’m not leaving campus (which I need to do in order to work on it) until I have this damned post (really an essay) done. So the strip might be posted awfully late for a Thursday night (Friday strip).

That post WILL be given a post date of February 12, but for many of you it will technically be Friday when you have the first chance to read it. I’m thinking Part IV will come out at 8 PM to compensate.