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So for whatever reason I didn’t actually update the database for strip #448, which fortunately has nothing to do with the global warming series but which I want to stand alone and be seen anyway. So it’ll have the spotlight to itself for about six hours or more, then #449 will go up and have […]

Global Warming Series Open Thread

I’m trying to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt where global warming stands scientifically, good or bad, ideally resulting in a case the most hardcore partisan couldn’t ignore, and I don’t want to leave any information on the table. So leave a comment here, or e-mail me at mwmailsea at yahoo dot com, if […]

Odd, very odd.

Want to know why today’s strip is so late? I was preparing for various extraneous things related to the strip (including the basis for what I hope will be a long-term traffic influx) a little after 1 when I dozed off. When I woke up, it was almost 4. And that was only the beginning […]

Oh dear God, this makes it a gazillion times harder for me, doesn’t it?

Freehostia appears to be down for some reason, so you get the comic here now while I wait for it to come back up again.


I got really REALLY distracted with various matters over the course of the day. I may have a double webcomic post over the course of the next week so I can focus on Sandsday now.

Not a good day.

I was all set to have a mostly April Fool’s-free day. I would be spending most of my time preparing for the next epic Sandsday series. I wouldn’t get tripped up by anything today, that’s for damn sure. Well, I’ve been dodging April Fool’s jokes left and right on the Internet, while getting bogged down […]

This is a bit later than I originally intended to do this, but…

I’ve finally added a link graphic page to Sandsday. Now you can support Sandsday by adding a pretty picture to your site! The navigation is now significantly different, no longer using the main site’s sidebar. The leaderboard (728×90) and skyscraper (160×600) images are bigger than I know what to do with at the moment, so […]

Because if I had any readers, this would be much-clamored for by now. I know I’ve been wanting it.

The speed with which this happened both impresses and … what’s the word… humbles me. (I mean, I’m being listed on this site scarcely a week after Evil Inc.!) Thanks to Komix!, you now have an RSS feed, of sorts, for Sandsday, which you can access here. It’s a bit of a stopgap until I […]

And don’t forget, Sandsday Mail Call next week!

There’s a story behind today’s strip, and it has nothing to do with Patrick McGoohan. When I did a Gary Gygax tribute last year, I told myself that when other sufficiently geeky notable figures (or sufficiently notable figures period) died, I would do similar tributes to them. I did that to reassure myself, because even […]

Quick but semi-important message for Sandsday’s fan

In about a week I’ll be starting the Sandsday mail call, to honor the strip’s first anniversary, where the characters will respond to your questions – assuming I get any. You can submit questions by leaving a comment on any “webcomic news” post or sending me an e-mail at mwmailsea at yahoo dot com. I […]