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I finally get to pick a fight with an established webcomicker! Because slamming Dresden Codak wasn’t as fun.

(From 8-Bit Theater. Click for full-sized inevitable hopelessness. Which is a good way of describing 8BT itself, actually.) So, it’s been long enough. After a brief stint with doing actual webcomic reviews, I got bogged down in all sorts of other stuff, and so I haven’t been doing actual webcomic posts for a while. And […]

A note for any webcomic who hopes to ever be reviewed by me if I ever return to that.

(From 8-Bit Theater. Click for full-sized out-betrayal.) I had been planning on posting on 8-Bit Theater in three or four weeks, starting my tracking of it after I was done with the strip I’ll post on later today. But by all appearances, 8BT doesn’t appear to keep an RSS feed. I haven’t looked very hard, […]