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If I’m posting on Girl Genius of all things, you know I’m desperate to continue The Streak.

(From Girl Genius. Click for full-sized battering ram.) Oh, Girl Genius, your mastery of puns is unmatched! Of the many, many jokes to be seen in webcomics over the past two days, surely this one has produced the most laughs, enough to power a living steampunk (oh I’m sorry, “gaslamp fantasy”) castle! Truly you will […]

As for the plot… what can I say? It’s a plot.

(From Girl Genius. Click for full-sized discussions of idiocy.) This post, like the last one, has nothing to do with politics or voting, so if you just came in yesterday and you have no interest in this sort of thing, just skip past it. If you’re the sort of person who only ever came to Da […]