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It’s interesting to compare QC’s revelation of a transgender character last month with the Court’s exploration of one for whom gender doesn’t matter.

(From Gunnerkrigg Court. Click for full-sized extreme uncanny valley.) As is its wont, Gunnerkrigg Court has answered the question of what, exactly, Jones is in a way that a) doesn’t actually answer the question (turns out Jones doesn’t really know herself) and b) raises more questions than it resolves. The just-ended chapter began with a […]

Apologies if I don’t get Ysengrin’s species right. It’s damn near impossible keeping everything straight in this comic.

(From Gunnerkrigg Court. Click for full-sized unsettling thoughts.) I’ve been more than a little puzzled at how both Antimony and Ysengrin have been treating Coyote’s revelations in this chapter as only a “theory”. Certainly the way Coyote explained his secret would be consistent with his attempting to explain something that’s just an idea of his, […]

See, if this were Order of the Stick, I’d know all the points I’d need to make by heart and wouldn’t need to re-read the whole thing.

(From Gunnerkrigg Court. Click for full-sized homework assignment.) Remember when I did my original review of Gunnerkrigg Court, and talked about how a major theme of the comic was the conflict between magic and technology? Well, Tom Siddell is turning that theme completely on its head. When we started a chapter entitled “The Great Secret”, […]

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t been reading Gunnerkrigg Court. Especially chapter 31.

(From Gunnerkrigg Court. Click for full-sized dream discussions.) It figures that the first full chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court I read as it comes out is quite possibly the most confusing one imaginable to start with. So… what the hell just happened? Apparently Antimony is out cold and Zimmy and Gamma come in to help her… […]

For this review, I think I’m going to try to put on my best Robert A. “Tangents” Howard impression and overanalyze everything.

(From Gunnerkrigg Court. Click for full-sized scrounging.) Longtime readers of Da Blog know that I am an enormous fan of The Order of the Stick, to the point that I will defend it to the death as one of the classics of literature, especially within the fantasy genre. Of course, I can see how people […]