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Summing up the OOTS Kickstarter

When the book is written and the legacy and history of OOTS is summarized, it will be noted that in early 2012, the comic’s fans took a donation drive with a goal of barely over fifty thousand dollars and raised one and a quarter million dollars by the time it was over. With the improvements […]

Best friends ’till the end…

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized lactose intolerance.) It wasn’t that long ago that Belkar and Vaarsuvius hated each other probably more than any other two members of the Order of the Stick. And by “it wasn’t that long ago”, I mean “back when V’s domination of Yukyuk started“. It’s one thing […]

I have something original and interesting to say about the OOTS Kickstarter for once!

You want to know what the most astounding thing is about the ongoing Order of the Stick Kickstarter? It’s not the sheer amount of money raised – over half a million and still going strong. It’s the fact that this is a reprint drive. All six of the books being reprinted as part of this […]

I think I know what birthday money I get that’s left over after school books will be spent on.

As a relatively recent but what I would still consider “longtime” fan of The Order of the Stick (four years, since a little after the 500th comic), I wish I had something new to say about the astonishing success of Rich’s Kickstarter effort to reprint his compilation and prequel books, which has, within two weeks […]

Rich’s Kickstarter became the most-funded Kickstart in the history of the comics category. In two days.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized perfect crime.) As with Homestuck, it takes a lot of doing for me to post on the same comic twice, and the previous strip certainly ranks high on the list of OOTS strips that would qualify if any did. In this case, after giving myself a […]

Also, contribute to Rich’s Kickstarter drive, and hasten the day I get any collections of the online comics other than the first. If I had money, I’d contribute just to get the bonus story.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized puppet strings.) This comic would have warranted a post even considering all the knowledge already out there. For someone who hadn’t read the Start of Darkness prequel or any synopses of its events (a group that apparently includes Gary “Fleen” Tyrell)? I’d have to imagine they’d […]

Redcloak, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized crushing.) Warning: This post will contain spoilers for the Order of the Stick prequel Start of Darkness. As such, we’re hiding it behind a jump break. This means the comic image will overflow past the post itself on the main blog page; I can only hope […]

We’re learning far too much about the bad guys’ plans for them to be remotely successful.

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized family affair.) When I predicted that Nale and Tarquin might make up and form one side in the battle for the Gates, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Although Tarquin seems willing to accept his son’s direction, as at least one person on the […]

Tarquin, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized negotiations.) Rich finally proved a forum theory wrong for once… sort of. Quite a few people speculated that Tarquin knew something about the Gates, and while theories about Tarquin and Nale working in collusion had died down considerably, I myself was still toying with them. Both […]

Argh, is Elan being sensible when the plot calls for it again?

(From The Order of the Stick. Click for full-sized race against time.) After a year-and-a-half in the Empire of Blood, it’s looking like we’re finally starting to move back to the main plot. Tarquin just took a single strip to drop most of the knowledge, for what it’s worth, on Girard that he’s promised during […]