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In case you’re wondering: Yes, I am only dipping my toe into the cesspool of PVP-land to continue the streak.

(From PVP. Click for full-sized anticlimactic revelations.) Jeez, Max, it’s 2012. It’s not like the staff of PVP are a bunch of redneck homophobes. I don’t know if you have a problem with your lifestyle and that’s why this is so hard for you, but in this day and age I don’t think most people […]

Does the precise medical condition they’re dealing with help with the reaction?

(From PVP. Click for full-sized relative strength.) I have to admit, after some early bad signs, I have to begrudgingly praise Scott Kurtz for how he’s handled this storyline. Not being familiar with the exact reasons why the treatment of Lilah’s miscarriage in Ctrl+Alt+Del pissed so many people off so much (and not necessarily sharing […]

So, is there any particular reason the dialogue balloons cover up the doctor’s face?

(From PVP. Click for full-sized waiting room suspense.) When I first pulled up this comic, the screen cut off right below the two-week-old headline, “Yes, We’re Serious”, making me wonder if this storyline was the PVP equivalent of what’s been happening over at xkcd, with both creators writing real-life medical scares into the comic. But […]

A webcomic post that isn’t about Darths and Droids or Order of the Stick? It’s the apocalypse!

(From PVP. Click for full-sized awkward re-introductions.) Here’s what’s happened over the past year in PVP: First, Jade was invited to a high school reunion, which started out fairly normally, until it turned into a murder mystery (and a locked room mystery to boot!), with the obvious suspect soon ruled out and turned into the murderee. Oh, […]