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Was… was Marten originally going to ask Tai to join him?

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized exit, stage left.) By the middle of last week, I was fully expecting to write a post expressing my severe trepidation at a storyline that would clearly serve the purpose of teasing a Marten/Claire relationship, which I’ve already gone on record as opposing. Besides teasing a relationship that would […]

I already warned you I was as sensitive as an atom bomb. I take no responsibility if my coverage of this storyline drives anyone away from Da Blog.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized brotherly love.) I’ve been reading the Questionable Content strips following the recent revelation guardedly, not because I worry that Jeph won’t handle the topic well (there’s no reason to think he won’t), but because I worry that I won’t be able to handle his handling of it well, for […]

Come to think of it, has QC ever been explicitly for any form of “inclusion” that didn’t involve sex/gender politics or robots?

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized interrupted escape.) In the news post for this comic, Jeph Jacques indicates that this is “something [he’s] wanted to do for years and I really, really want to do a good job of it”, noting that the idea of “inclusion” is one that comes up a lot in QC […]

Warning: this is an extremely sensitive issue, and I’m about as sensitive as an atom bomb. On a totally unrelated note, I can neither confirm or deny that this post was an excuse for me to stare intently at images of fictional women.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized self-dug grave.) I want you to take a good, long look at the comic to the right, clicking on it to see it full-sized if necessary, and telling me how you would describe Marigold’s appearance, especially outside the first row of panels when she’s just wearing the bikini. Now, […]

Stupid browser cache.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized land of unlimited cartriges.) Have you ever had an experience where something really weird and awkward happened, and then afterwards you just went about your business like nothing happened at all, never even understanding why it happened to begin with? That’s how I feel about this QC after the […]

I will admit, I am morbidly curious to meet Emily’s parents. I have a feeling they’ve got to be at least as eccentric as Hannelore’s.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized space constraints.) Why is it that I was groaning when I was reading this comic? Was it because this presages a lengthy storyline involving wacky hijinks among most of the cast which Jeph seems to specialize in? It shouldn’t; such a storyline should be fun and provide for some […]

The Zen of Toasterdom

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized ambitions.) I bleeping hate Emily. Her “endearing” loopiness is fast grating on my nerves, and the fact she’s starting to supplant Marigold as the figure taking over the comic only makes it worse. If the two of them were ever to meet, I’m quite sure the universe would explode. […]

Pot, meet kettle.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized fangirlism.) For those of you wondering if Claire had some special quirk that would cause even her… whatever-the-hell-relation-the-guy-with-the-robot-hand has to her… to find her weird, wonder no longer. Nope, it’s just the old “what would happen if you encountered yourself” trick rearing its ugly head, as Claire proves to […]

I think comic 2261 pretty much lays out Dora’s feelings for Tai before this whole thing started pretty clearly.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized coaches needing coaching.) Somewhat cleverly, Jeph Jacques had the first date between Dora and Tai result in the two of them hitting it off but with no shortage of awkward moments to confuse anyone looking for signs as to the direction of the relationship.┬áThat said, it’s by now apparent […]

What a time for the RSS feed to stop working.

(From Questionable Content. Click for full-sized sober confessions.) This comic really says a lot about where both Tai and Dora are right now. I have to say I’m kind of shocked by Tai’s actions here. At least her conversation with Dora the previous night happened while she was drunk, and it’s made clear that at […]