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Yes, this is just filler to continue The Streak, but you gotta admit, that last panel gets downright existential.

(From Something Positive. Click for full-sized origin stories.) Click on the name of Something Positive above. You’ll be taken to the main S*P page. You may notice that most of the first screen is taken up by ads, navigation, and plugging of merchandise and con appearances. Below that, you get the actual comic. Below that, […]

So because I lost an early draft of this post Wednesday, yesterday I had to type it up in a “draft” editor that was autosaving but not rendering everything correctly. I had to use regular Blogger to add the strip image.

(From Something Positive. Click for full-sized pie.) This is going to be a shorter review than some of my other ones. Something Positive is funny in a way, because for me, it’s the opposite of xkcd. When I reviewed xkcd I started out doing a limited archive binge, and because I found myself with little […]