The Game to Show the Games: the book

51j-YErfIiL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_ESPN collects hundreds of millions of dollars in rights fees from cable subscribers, before selling a single advertisement. In The Game to Show the Games, Morgan Wick exposes how this lucrative revenue stream and the competition between media conglomerates has become a billion-dollar boon for sports leagues across the nation and the world, and how this has shaken up the rest of the television industry. Whether you’re an avid sports fan, an active sports hater, or just someone wondering why your cable bill is so high, The Game to Show the Games is a must-read.

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Further reading

I’ve been writing about the battle for sports on television on this site for nearly nine years. Here are some of the more relevant and important posts I’ve written on the issue in the past, expanding and providing more information on points made in the book, as well as additional content that didn’t make it into the book, sorted by the chapter they most relate to. I’m still writing about these issues today; you can keep up on them by following my Game to Show the Games category.

Chapter 1: Rags to Riches

Chapter 2: Follow the Leader

Chapter 3: Printing Money

Chapter 4: Big Man on Campus

Chapter 5: King of Sports

Chapter 6: All Sports are Local

Chapter 7: Fighting for Scraps

Chapter 8: Breaking Free