Hey, I’m obsessed with this sort of thing.

Hey, did you see that CBS has switched to a banner for SEC Football coverage? Too bad both ESPN and CBS’ highlight packages have embedding disabled.

It sort of feels like it was hastily assembled to me for a couple of reasons. For one, the space for the actual score is really small and forces double-digit scores to condense. Watch for the big “TOUCHDOWN” graphic to show up and tell me it doesn’t look like an amateur operation. It works for FSN and really low-budget operations; it doesn’t work for ESPN, NBC, or the Fox network. Goal to go situations result in the down and distance being REALLY condensed. Oh, and I saw it fade in and out and it basically just collapses into the circular SEC on CBS logo or “wipes” out of it, rather than the circular logo actually turning into the horizontal logo as in CBS’ college basketball banner.

Regardless, I will be completely shocked if this doesn’t show up for the NFL on CBS next season.

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