This is going to slow down my platform examinations even more, isn’t it?

In light of the anti-media comments coming from both sides in response to this article, perhaps the exhortation at the end is of some import:

But in a world, and a Web, full of analysis, opinion and “accountability journalism,” what’s missing is a neutral referee. Which is a bit like living in a world with a North Pole and a South Pole but no equator. If there’s no one to set the standard, how will we know when we’ve crossed the line?

But truly neutral, objective journalism may well be dead now, if it ever really existed, sacrificed to the altar of profit and, in the case of blogs, preaching to the choir. In today’s media climate, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it for anyone in the “mainstream media” to serve as a “neutral referee”.

So I’d like to posit this proposal, and I don’t know if I personally would be able to take part, but it’s worth considering: A collective of blogs, bloggers, and other interested persons from all sides of the political spectrum that monitors the media – newspapers, TV, and blogs – and calls them on their BS, while also serving as a “new” AP, attempting to present the news of the day accurately, completely, and fairly from as many sources as possible.

Workable, or unworkable?

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