And an indifferent blog-day.

Funny how things work out. In 2006, I composed the first post in the history of Da Blog while cowering in a bus stop shelter, kicking off a stretch of low post frequency. Now, in 2010, after a stretch of low post frequency, I’m once again cowering in a bus stop shelter, writing this post.

Though to be fair, I’m only writing this Tuesday night because I need something to do with my time while other things happen in the background. If it weren’t for that I’d be home by now and writing this in an actual building on Wednesday.

It’s funny; I was wondering whether Year One or Year Four of Da Blog saw more posts. This is the 80th post since my last blog-day post. 2007 saw more than 100 posts. It actually makes me somewhat solemn that I couldn’t crack triple digits this year; I put up my Baseball Hall of Fame predictions post when I did just so I could hit the big 8-0. I had some long stretches without posts, only barely keeping up with the notion of one post a month. But it’s a reflection of how the priorities in my life have shifted… theoretically.

Because call me naive, but quite frankly I still have quite a few plans for Da Blog in the coming year. Ideas for posts and series of posts, ideas for projects for later in the year. I still intend to catch up on my RSS feeds, I still intend to do something with the 100 Greatest Movies Project (well, maybe not – more on that soon – but something similar), I still intend to put up a forum (right now that’s waiting not only for the plugin version of bbPress to be ready for prime time, but also for the plugin that runs and to be updated for WP 3, but I may switch to a solution that uses the MU functionality of WP 3 if there still aren’t any updates from the developer for that soon), and I still intend to get a college basketball project I’ve been teasing off the ground. I even still have one or two more last-ditch efforts to attract people to Da Blog in mind. I don’t intend to let any of that distract from schoolwork, but you never know. Certainly don’t expect many posts in January, February, and March, other than that college basketball project.

It’s possible that the best thing for me to do right now is to all but abandon Da Blog, focusing on schoolwork and maybe even getting a job, that my efforts to make something of Da Blog were always doomed to failure. That’s what I said I was going to do in October, but the miscellaneous projects I’ve had in the pipe have been things I’ve been reluctant to let go of, and like I said at the time if I don’t have Da Blog I don’t know what I do have. Events over the last couple of months have almost convinced me that keeping up on my RSS feeds might actually help my schoolwork, by minimizing the amount of time I have to be distracted by mega-projects.

I have no idea what Year Five has in store for Da Blog, but it’s almost certainly going to be closer to Year Four than Years Two and Three. Exactly how close is something I have no idea of right now.

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