Update on the site

There is no change in the status for the Sports and Webcomics subsites. I had an idea for how to fix it but quickly realized I didn’t know nearly enough about coding WordPress plugins to pull it off. For the time being, the way it works now works well enough for me, even though I can’t scroll through all webcomics posts. But the long-term solution for those sites will likely involve a major change in how MorganWick.com works, one that is likely to happen regardless of other factors.

You may notice the size of the post queue has gone down significantly. I had planned a major project that would take up all of February, and intended to introduce it Monday, but realized it would have completely monopolized my time. Perhaps if I had done it during the winter break as I originally intended it wouldn’t have been so bad, but as it is I’m struggling to keep up with my classes enough already. The timing was shaking up to be wrong as well, as, had the series that was planned to start Tuesday attracted a sizable audience to Da Blog, much of it would likely have been turned off.

(Longtime readers of Da Blog might remember my plans to write a book on the impact of the Internet on our lives, a book I wound up being too lazy to actually write. There have been times when I wish I had written it, but never more so than now; tomorrow’s post especially will essentially be some of what I would have written for the book.)

That series will still be four parts, and in fact I’d have liked to start it when I had planned, but if I’m going to do that, I’d like to have the forum up first. As such, I’ve removed the last vestiges of my failed attempt to launch the forum some years ago, and the site will go down again sometime tonight or Friday as I set up what hopefully will be the actual forum. Yes, we are that close, people.

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