The OOTS Effect, Part II

I’m probably going to drop the “OOTS Effect” name next week:

  • We have a new candidate for the next big thing to come out of Kickstarter: MATTER, which met its $50,000 goal within 38 hours and blew through that to $82,204 by now, becoming the second-most funded project in the history of the Publishing category, and might hold the top spot by the time you read this. It slowed down considerably upon reaching its goal and probably can’t reach a million dollars, but a quarter of a million isn’t out of the question, which would be good for the top twenty at the moment. (The same disclaimer from last week about not all projects being listed with their categories applies.)
  • The HuMn Wallet raised only half of its goal in its first 48 hours, but take a look at that end time: the creators gave themselves 40 days to get the job done, meaning if they can sustain the same momentum throughout the project (a big if), the top ten is very possible. In the last day or two, it’s blown past its goal to nearly $82,000.
  • In the end, Code Hero finished just short of the category record. On the other hand, Benign Kingdom finished with more than $13,000 more than the previous third place in the Comics category, while Erfworld Year of the Dwagon has already moved into third itself. Once it finishes, the entire top three and four of the top seven (counting the Diesel Sweeties eBook-Stravaganza) will have something to do with webcomics. The previous record for a webcomic-related project before OOTS came along, to the best of my knowledge, was Girly: The Complete Collection, at less than $30,000. Again, now you know why Rich Burlew was skeptical he’d even meet his goal.
  • Idle Thumbs has crossed the $100,000 barrier, while the Ramos alarm clock may have lost some momentum and is sitting at $93,710. It should cross $100,000 by the end of the week, but the top ten may be more questionable now.
  • Finally, we must address the strange case of A Show with Ze Frank, which blew through its $50,000 goal in seven hours, making it a very good candidate to become the next million-dollar project… if it weren’t for the fact that Mr. Frank only gave his project ten days to raise its money. It’s still got an excellent shot at the top ten if it maintains that pace, but I wonder: was he paying attention to the recent spate of wildly successful drives and decided that, with his pre-existing audience, the short time span was worth the risk?
  • Oh, and as for the OOTS drive that started it all, I got my shipping survey for that, so the first steps are being taken towards fulfiling the tens of thousands of rewards people pledged for there.

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