The OOTS Effect, Part IV

  • Has the OOTS/Double Fine effect worn off? I ask not only because of the number of projects that have lost momentum, but there really aren’t any notable new projects this week – can I really get excited about The Classic Crime or Shell Game raising 5o grand in a week? There is the weird case of the ZBoard, which raised over $100,000 in the past week, yet seems to have already slowed down considerably by now.
  • Double Fine is getting a late push in its last 24 hours and could end up doubling the second-place Elevation Dock. That’s a record that could stand for a long, long time. More projects have lost momentum: the LowLine made about $12,000 in the past week, while FTL made less than $10,000 and Atomic Robo: Last Stop made a little more. A Show with Ze Frank finished at $146,752, just short of tripling its goal, so it lost a lot of momentum (about $20,000 in the last week), but still finishes at #8 in the Film and Video category until FrackNation finishes. However, The HuMn Wallet doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum, raising $30,000 in the past week. And the David Lynch Documentary raised another $40,000, suggesting $200k is in reach. Meanwhile, Second Class Citizens Documentary finishes in fifth place in the Film and Video category, but is likely to be passed by FrackNation at least.
  • The success of Erfworld Year of the Dwagon is becoming astonishing. It enters its final three days at over $66,000, raising just over $10,000 in the past week. It probably can’t catch #2 in the Comics category, but until pretty recently a Comics project raising over $60,000 might have seemed unthinkable. Yet Diesel Sweeties got enough of a late push that it wound up passing Benign Kingdom, and the $60,000 mark, for what’ll eventually be fourth in the category as well.
  • Finally, back in OOTS-land, based on previous updates, about 16.9% of all the pledge rewards should be in the mail by now.

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