Broadcast Rat Race Week 8: ABC Turns “Wicked City”‘s Lights Off, Throws “Of Kings and Prophets” to Tuesday 10pm Wolves

The only real developments to come out of this week came from ABC, which announced their midseason schedule, which includes a number of shows taking time off until February or March… including a few shows premiering in March, which will have difficulty truly establishing themselves before ABC has to make a decision on their future. ABC also pulled the plug on “Wicked City” after some truly terrible ratings, which some are calling the first “official” cancellation of the season. But if “Wicked City” had done well enough to last another week or two, would “The Player” have been the first “official” cancellation after it aired all the episodes in its cut order, even if it was never quite pulled off the schedule in the typical sense? Come on.

At the other end of the spectrum, NBC bows rookie “Chicago Med” this week, which is filling me with a serious feeling of dread. Scroll down to the bottom to see why.

How to read the chart: First box shows current time slot, second box current season number. Eps: Total number of episodes aired / total number of episodes ordered (if known). Last: 18-49 rating of the most recent episode. Raw: Average of first-run 18-49 ratings. Adj.: Average of the most recent episode and the previous Adj. rating. WklIdx: Last divided by the network scripted show average for the week. RawIdx: Raw divided by the network scripted show average for the season. Index: Adj. divided by the network scripted show average for the season. In general, >1.1=certain renewal, .85-1.1=probable renewal, .7-.85=on the bubble, .6-.7=probably cancelled. Anything substantially less than .6 for rookie shows indicates a dead show walking. Prod: Production company that produces the show (ABC=ABC Studios, CBS=CBS Television, Fox=20th Television, NBCU=Universal Television, Sony=Sony Pictures Television, WB=Warner Bros. Television). Incorporates ratings through Sunday, November 15; write-ups do not take into account Monday’s ratings. Weekly averages used: CBS 1.57, ABC 1.56, NBC 1.4, FOX 1.39, CW .64. Network averages used: ABC 1.71, CBS 1.67, FOX 1.57, NBC 1.37, CW .65.

Empire Last: 4.2 Raw: 5.09 Adj.: 4.49 WklIdx: 3.02 RawIdx: 3.24 Index: 2.86 Fox #1
The Big Bang Theory Last: 3.7 Raw: 4.0 Adj.: 3.82 WklIdx: 2.35 RawIdx: 2.40 Index: 2.29 CBS #1
The Flash Last: 1.5 Raw: 1.43 Adj.: 1.48 WklIdx: 2.33 RawIdx: 2.20 Index: 2.27 CW #1
Blindspot Last: 2.2 Raw: 2.4 Adj.: 2.20 WklIdx: 1.57 RawIdx: 1.75 Index: 1.61 NBC #1
Modern Family Last: 2.7 Raw: 2.83 Adj.: 2.73 WklIdx: 1.73 RawIdx: 1.66 Index: 1.59 ABC #1
Arrow Last: .9 Raw: .98 Adj.: .96 WklIdx: 1.40 RawIdx: 1.51 Index: 1.47 CW #2
Chicago Fire Last: 2.0 Raw: 1.82 Adj.: 1.9 WklIdx: 1.43 RawIdx: 1.33 Index: 1.39 NBC #2
NCIS Last: 2.3 Raw: 2.24 Adj.: 2.26 WklIdx: 1.46 RawIdx: 1.34 Index: 1.36 CBS #2
Grey’s Anatomy Last: 2.2 Raw: 2.36 Adj.: 2.27 WklIdx: 1.41 RawIdx: 1.38 Index: 1.33 ABC #2
Scandal Last: 2.2 Raw: 2.54 Adj.: 2.26 WklIdx: 1.41 RawIdx: 1.49 Index: 1.32 ABC #3
Supergirl CBS #3 Cert. Renew
Mon 8:00 Season 1 Eps: 3/13? Last: 1.7 Raw: 2.33 Adj.: 2.18 WklIdx: 1.08 RawIdx: 1.40 Index: 1.30 Prod: WB
After big drops of nearly a full point from the premiere and half a point from the second episode, the fourth episode of “Supergirl” moved up a tick from this week in the fast nationals, so it looks like the show has found its level at very renewal-worthy numbers. That would put it a fair distance into the certain-renewal territory in the weekly index number, but that doesn’t mean much for its long-term prospects of moving up and down.
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit NBC #3 Cert. Renew
Wed 9:00 Season 17 Eps: 373/389 Last: 2.0 Raw: 1.66 Adj.: 1.76 WklIdx: 1.43 RawIdx: 1.21 Index: 1.29 Prod: NBCU
Well, that’s one way to settle any question about whether your renewal is certain or only probable. “Law and Order: SVU” jumped up a half-point with a “The Voice” special airing in place of bubblicious “The Mysteries of Laura”. Obviously this doesn’t have much relation to reality, and one would expect it to fall back to Earth next week, but it should stay fairly comfortably above the certain-renewal threshold from here on.
The Goldbergs ABC #4 Cert. Renew
Wed 8:30 Season 3 Eps: 54 Last: 2.1 Raw: 2.19 Adj.: 2.13 WklIdx: 1.35 RawIdx: 1.28 Index: 1.25 Prod: Sony
As suspected, “The Goldbergs” stopped its streak of two straight tenth-point jumps after taking a week off for the CMAs, falling back a tenth.
The Simpsons FOX #2 Renewed
Sun 8:00 Season 27 Eps: 580/596 Last: N/A Raw: 1.95 Adj.: 1.87 WklIdx: N/A RawIdx: 1.24 Index: 1.20 Prod: Fox
“The Simpsons” aired a rerun in a non-NFL week.
The Middle ABC #5 Cert. Renew
Wed 8:00 Season 7 Eps: 151 Last: 2.0 Raw: 2.02 Adj.: 1.99 WklIdx: 1.28 RawIdx: 1.19 Index: 1.17 Prod: WB
“The Middle” has fallen into a fairly consistent groove, pulling 2.0s in four of the last five episodes.
Life in Pieces CBS #4 Cert. Renew
Thu 8:30 Season 1 Eps: 7/22 Last: 1.8 Raw: 2.0 Adj.: 1.88 WklIdx: 1.14 RawIdx: 1.20 Index: 1.13 Prod: Fox
“Life in Pieces” slips a tenth to match its low from the Monday portion of the season.
How to Get Away with Murder ABC #6 Cert. Renew
Thu 10:00 Season 2 Eps: 23/30 Last: 1.9 Raw: 2.1 Adj.: 1.92 WklIdx: 1.22 RawIdx: 1.23 Index: 1.12 Prod: ABC
Unsurprisingly, ABC is keeping Shondaland Thursdays together after “HtGAwM” runs out of episodes with Shonda Rhimes’ new series “The Catch”.
Chicago PD NBC #4 Renewed
Wed 10:00 Season 3 Eps: 45/61 Last: 1.6 Raw: 1.51 Adj.: 1.52 WklIdx: 1.14 RawIdx: 1.11 Index: 1.11 Prod: NBCU
“Chicago P.D.” “only” picked up two tenths with “The Mysteries of Laura” replaced at the start of the night with a “Voice” special (as opposed to “Law and Order: SVU”‘s half-point jump).
Scorpion CBS #5 Cert. Renew
Mon 9:00 Season 2 Eps: 30/46 Last: 1.8 Raw: 1.85 Adj.: 1.84 WklIdx: 1.14 RawIdx: 1.11 Index: 1.10 Prod: CBS
“Scorpion” managed to stay in certain-renewal territory by the slimmest of margins; I’m moving it up only because I would prefer to favor the status further away from the bubble, although the weekly index number is still a bit further in certain-renewal territory. But that it fell down another two tenths in the new fast-nationals with a stronger “Supergirl” may make me regret this decision.
Black-ish ABC #7 Prob. Renew
Wed 9:30 Season 2 Eps: 30/46 Last: 1.8 Raw: 1.91 Adj.: 1.84 WklIdx: 1.15 RawIdx: 1.12 Index: 1.08 Prod: ABC
“black-ish” fell back down a tenth after taking a week off for the CMAs.
The Blacklist NBC #5 Cert. Renew
Thu 9:00 Season 3 Eps: 51/66 Last: 1.5 Raw: 1.5 Adj.: 1.47 WklIdx: 1.07 RawIdx: 1.09 Index: 1.07 P: Sony/Unv.
“The Blacklist” has picked up 1.4’s or 1.5’s every week but the first, and moves back up to 1.5 this week.
Supernatural CW #3 Prob. Renew
Wed 9:00 Season 11 Eps: 224/241 Last: .7 Raw: .73 Adj.: .69 WklIdx: 1.09 RawIdx: 1.13 Index: 1.06 Prod: WB
“Supernatural” seems to have gotten off the roller coaster for now, gaining only a single tenth to put it right in the middle of the range it’s been bouncing around in lately.
NCIS: New Orleans CBS #6 Prob. Renew
Tue 9:00 Season 2 Eps: 31/49 Last: 1.7 Raw: 1.68 Adj.: 1.73 WklIdx: 1.08 RawIdx: 1.00 Index: 1.03 Prod: CBS
Whatever caused “NCIS: New Orleans” to shoot up three tenths last week didn’t last, because it fell back down two-tenths this week, which still puts it at a level it hadn’t seen since the first three episodes.
Gotham FOX #3 Prob. Renew
Mon 8:00 Season 2 Eps: 30 Last: 1.5 Raw: 1.51 Adj.: 1.51 WklIdx: 1.08 RawIdx: .96 Index: .96 Prod: WB
No sooner does “Gotham” finish climbing back to its early-season levels does it manage to slip a tenth back. It’s pulled a 1.5 or 1.6 in seven out of eight episodes, but the overall pattern, and the exception being all the way down at 1.3, makes it hard to read.
2 Broke Girls CBS #7 Prob. Renew
Thu 9:30 Season 5 Eps: 95 Last: 1.6 Raw: 1.6 Adj.: 1.6 WklIdx: 1.02 RawIdx: .96 Index: .96 Prod: CBS
I was worried about the potential for “2 Broke Girls” to land itself in trouble if it slipped half a point from the end of last season like “Mom” did, but it started right in line with how it finished last season, actually building on its “Mom” lead-in, so it’s pretty safe for now.
Criminal Minds CBS #8 Prob. Renew
Wed 9:00 Season 11 Eps: 240/255 Last: 1.6 Raw: 1.67 Adj.: 1.59 WklIdx: 1.02 RawIdx: 1.00 Index: .95 P: ABC/CBS
“Criminal Minds” breaks its recent pattern of two weeks at one number, then two at the next number down, bouncing back a tenth this week.
Rosewood FOX #4 Prob. Renew
Wed 8:00 Season 1 Eps: 7/22? Last: 1.4 Raw: 1.73 Adj.: 1.49 WklIdx: 1.00 RawIdx: 1.10 Index: .95 Prod: Fox
“Rosewood” slips another tenth and hasn’t quite decided where its level is.
Once Upon a Time ABC #8 Prob. Renew
Sun 8:00 Season 5 Eps: 96/111 Last: 1.6 Raw: 1.64 Adj.: 1.59 WklIdx: 1.03 RawIdx: .96 Index: .93 Prod: ABC
“Once Upon a Time” holds with another 1.6 as it prepares to take a lengthy break; it won’t be back until March once it has its fall finale.
The Vampire Diaries CW #4 Prob. Renew
Thu 8:00 Season 7 Eps: 138/155 Last: .6 Raw: .58 Adj.: .59 WklIdx: .93 RawIdx: .90 Index: .91 Prod: WB*
Once again, “The Vampire Diaries” and “iZombie” remain in identical situations with another pair of .6s.
iZombie CW #4 Prob. Renew
Tue 9:00 Season 2 Eps: 18/26 Last: .6 Raw: .58 Adj.: .59 WklIdx: .93 RawIdx: .90 Index: .91 Prod: WB
There’s a sli-i-i-i-ight possibility “iZombie” only gets an unannounced half-season this year, given how far into its order it is without any word on additional episodes ordered.
Mom CBS #9 Cert. Renew
Thu 9:00 Season 3 Eps: 46 Last: 1.5 Raw: 1.5 Adj.: 1.5 WklIdx: .95 RawIdx: .90 Index: .90 Prod: WB
“Mom” may have gotten off to a slow start, but at least it holds on to its premiere audience in its second week.
Family Guy FOX #5 Prob. Renew
Sun 9:00 Season 14 Eps: 255 Last: 1.4 Raw: 1.5 Adj.: 1.41 WklIdx: 1.01 RawIdx: .95 Index: .90 Prod: Fox
Well, at least we know “Family Guy” is still an attraction in its own right, as it built on its “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” lead-in with “The Simpsons” on repeat. Of course, both shows actually gained ground despite the lack of a new “Simpsons” (key markets showing the 4:05 NFL game?) and “Family Guy” gained two-tenths to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”‘s one, so who knows what’s going on.
Limitless CBS #10 Prob. Renew
Tue 10:00 Season 1 Eps: 7/22? Last: 1.5 Raw: 1.59 Adj.: 1.49 WklIdx: .95 RawIdx: .95 Index: .89 Prod: CBS
“Limitless” holds on to last week’s 1.5 and consolidates its position on the right side of the bubble.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX #6 Cert. Renew
Sun 8:30 Season 3 Eps: 51 Last: 1.3 Raw: 1.49 Adj.: 1.37 WklIdx: .93 RawIdx: .95 Index: .87 Prod: NBCU
Not much to say about “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” I didn’t just say in the “Family Guy” section.
Fresh Off the Boat ABC #9 Prob. Renew
Tue 8:30 Season 2 Eps: 19/35 Last: 1.3 Raw: 1.6 Adj.: 1.44 WklIdx: .83 RawIdx: .93 Index: .84 Prod: Fox
“Fresh off the Boat” unexpectedly fell a precipitous three-tenths despite “The Muppets” only falling two-tenths. I’m leaving it in probable-renewal in case this proves an aberration, but once “The Muppets” runs out of episodes it’ll move to the start of the night and be expected to support “The Real O’Neals”, which ABC believes in enough to give it a two-episode Wednesday preview bracketing “Modern Family”. With the show not produced in-house and any renewal possibly being effectively for two seasons, “Fresh off the Boat” could be in real trouble.
Heroes Reborn NBC #6 Miniseries
Thu 8:00 Season 5 Eps: 7/13 Last: 1.1 Raw: 1.3 Adj.: 1.15 WklIdx: .79 RawIdx: .95 Index: .84 Prod: NBCU
Is “Heroes Reborn” a miniseries or a limited series? Certainly it was originally billed as an “event miniseries” and I don’t know of anything since then that would change it (then again, I haven’t looked much beyond Wikipedia), but both of the direct descendants of the old TVbytheNumbers renew/cancel index posts have been treating it as a limited series that can be considered cancelled or renewed. Certainly you would expect that if NBC was willing to bring back “Heroes” it was with an eye towards potentially making it a full-time mainstay again and not just to juice up ratings for a single season, but at best I would consider “Heroes Reborn” more of an experiment in that direction than anything else. In that light, an index number hovering around the cutline between the bubble and probable renewal, as “Heroes Reborn” has been experiencing, probably isn’t enough for the show to come back full-time; the numbers would have to pretty much blow the NBC suits away. Perhaps the other sites are treating every miniseries as potentially renewable or at least cancellable?
The Mysteries of Laura NBC #8 On Bubble
Wed 8:00 Season 2 Eps: 29/38 Last: N/A Raw: 1.11 Adj.: 1.12 WklIdx: N/A RawIdx: .81 Index: .82 Prod: WB
While “The Mysteries of Laura” has been doing fairly well considering how it started, something tells me the NBC suits weren’t losing too much sleep over pre-empting it for a “Voice” special, especially considering how it improved the night’s other shows.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ABC #10 Prob. Renew
Tue 9:00 Season 3 Eps: 50/66 Last: 1.3 Raw: 1.47 Adj.: 1.36 WklIdx: .83 RawIdx: .86 Index: .80 Prod: ABC
I praise “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” for maintaining a 1.4 rating, and it dips to 1.3. Figures.
Madam Secretary CBS #11 On Bubble
Sun ≥8p Season 2 Eps: 29/44 Last: 1.4 Raw: 1.31 Adj.: 1.33 WklIdx: .89 RawIdx: .79 Index: .80 Prod: CBS
“Madam Secretary” gains another tenth with a monster Patriots-Giants game as indirect lead-in, putting it decidedly on the positive end of the bubble.
The Muppets ABC #11 On Bubble
Tue 8:00 Season 1 Eps: 7/16 Last: 1.2 Raw: 1.7 Adj.: 1.34 WklIdx: .77 RawIdx: .99 Index: .78 Prod: ABC
A while back I moved “The Muppets” onto the bubble, even though its index number was well out of that range, after it posted a 1.3 that was enough to put its weekly index number on the bubble, as I couldn’t be sure it was done leaking viewers. Two weeks later, after being pre-empted for Halloween specials, it moved up a tick to 1.4 and I moved it out of the bubble, but the trend still didn’t look good. Last week it posted another 1.4 and its overall index number was right on the border between the bubble and probable renewal, ultimately on the bad side of the line, but this time I erred on the side of keeping it in probable renewal given that the weekly index number, inflated by ABC’s CMA Awards pre-emptions, looked way better than that 1.3 had been, and given how much ABC and Disney had staked on the show. And this week it dipped two-tenths to a 1.2 that’s even worse than that 1.3. So yeah, onto the bubble you go. Because of those stakes I would still feel good about its chances of coming back, but even with its extra three episodes it’s almost halfway through its run, so it doesn’t have a lot of time to repair the damage it did earlier in the year.
Quantico ABC #12 On Bubble
Sun 10:00 Season 1 Eps: 8/20 Last: 1.3 Raw: 1.54 Adj.: 1.32 WklIdx: .83 RawIdx: .90 Index: .77 Prod: ABC
Hmm. After its fall finale in December, “Quantico” will be shuffled off the schedule until March, meaning it won’t have a lot of time to return to its early-season form and could lose a lot of momentum.
NCIS: Los Angeles CBS #12 On Bubble
Mon 10:00 Season 7 Eps: 151/168 Last: 1.3 Raw: 1.23 Adj.: 1.28 WklIdx: .83 RawIdx: .74 Index: .77 Prod: CBS
“NCIS: Los Angeles” retains its 1.3 from the past two weeks and continues recovering from the damage “Blindspot” did to its ratings.
The Last Man on Earth FOX #7 On Bubble
Sun 9:30 Season 2 Eps: 18 Last: 1.2 Raw: 1.26 Adj.: 1.18 WklIdx: .86 RawIdx: .80 Index: .75 Prod: Fox
“The Last Man on Earth” got a bit of a bump from the same factors bumping “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Family Guy”, but the clock is definitely ticking.
Last Man Standing ABC #13 Prob. Renew
Fri 8:00 Season 5 Eps: 92 Last: 1.3 Raw: 1.24 Adj.: 1.27 WklIdx: .83 RawIdx: .72 Index: .74 Prod: Fox
“Last Man Standing” has moved into bouncing-up-and-down mode between 1.2 and 1.3.
Blue Bloods CBS #13 Prob. Renew
Fri 10:00 Season 6 Eps: 118/133 Last: 1.2 Raw: 1.24 Adj.: 1.22 WklIdx: .76 RawIdx: .74 Index: .73 Prod: CBS
While it’s tempting to chalk up “Blue Bloods”‘ tenth-point dip to coverage of the Paris bombings on ABC and NBC, the truth is this is right in line with what the show has done recently, with its 1.3 last week representing a two-tenths jump from the week before.
Bones FOX #8 On Bubble
Thu 8:00 Season 11 Eps: 219 Last: 1.1 Raw: 1.21 Adj.: 1.14 WklIdx: .79 RawIdx: .77 Index: .72 Prod: Fox
“Bones” holds at 1.1 for another week and continues drifting towards the bottom of the bubble.
Code Black CBS #14 Prob. Cancel
Wed 10:00 Season 1 Eps: 7/13? Last: 1.2 Raw: 1.23 Adj.: 1.19 WklIdx: .76 RawIdx: .74 Index: .72 P: ABC/CBS
No shows received full-season orders or even extra episodes this week, and that might not bode well for “Code Black”, as I outlined last week.
Grimm NBC #7 Prob. Renew
Fri 9:00 Season 5 Eps: 91/110 Last: .9 Raw: 1.0 Adj.: .98 WklIdx: .64 RawIdx: .73 Index: .71 Prod: NBCU
“Grimm” dips another tenth in its third week and becomes just another part of the “Blue Bloods”/”Last Man Standing”/”Dr. Ken” race for Friday pole position (and may not stay there).
Dr. Ken ABC #14 Prob. Renew
Fri 8:30 Season 1 Eps: 7/22? Last: 1.2 Raw: 1.27 Adj.: 1.21 WklIdx: .77 RawIdx: .74 Index: .71 Prod: Sony*
While “Last Man Standing” bounces between 1.3 and 1.2, “Dr. Ken” isn’t so lucky.
Bob’s Burgers FOX #9 Renewed
Sun 7:30 Season 6 Eps: 93/110 Last: 1.0 Raw: 1.1 Adj.: 1.11 WklIdx: .72 RawIdx: .70 Index: .70 Prod: Fox
Whatever factor inflated “Bob’s Burgers” number last week didn’t apply this week, but something did inflate the ratings of the rest of the Sunday lineup. Weird.
Hawaii Five-O CBS #15 Prob. Renew
Fri 9:00 Season 6 Eps: 126/143 Last: 1.1 Raw: 1.08 Adj.: 1.09 WklIdx: .70 RawIdx: .64 Index: .66 Prod: CBS
Consistency is “Hawaii Five-O”‘s friend. With 1.1s in all but two weeks of the season, CBS’ declining network average was all that was needed for it to climb out of the bubble and into probable renewal territory.
Grandfathered FOX #10 Prob. Cancel
Tue 8:00 Season 1 Eps: 6/22? Last: 1.0 Raw: 1.12 Adj.: 1.02 WklIdx: .72 RawIdx: .71 Index: .65 Prod: ABC*
At least “Grandfathered” is consistent with four straight 1.0s without dipping a tenth like “Scream Queens” did this week. But it needs to pull in numbers better than that.
The Good Wife CBS #16 Prob. Cancel
Sun ≥9p Season 7 Eps: 140/156 Last: 1.1 Raw: 1.1 Adj.: 1.08 WklIdx: .70 RawIdx: .66 Index: .65 Prod: CBS
Patriots-Giants was not as friendly a lead-in to “The Good Wife” as “Madam Secretary”, but “The Good Wife” benefits from the declining CBS network average anyway, though not nearly as much as it needs to.
The Originals CW #6 Prob. Renew
Thu 9:00 Season 3 Eps: 49 Last: .4 Raw: .42 Adj.: .40 WklIdx: .62 RawIdx: .64 Index: .62 Prod: WB*
Another week, another .4 for “The Originals”. Yes, if it weren’t for this part I’d be saying the exact same thing as last week. Heck, at this point the adjusted average is rounding to .4 itself.
Scream Queens FOX #11 Prob. Cancel
Tue 9:00 Season 1 Eps: 6/15 Last: .9 Raw: 1.17 Adj.: .97 WklIdx: .65 RawIdx: .75 Index: .62 Prod: Fox
Slipping a tenth when “Scream Queens” already had cancellation-worthy numbers is not what the show needed.
Nashville ABC #15 Prob. Canned
Wed 10:00 Season 4 Eps: 70 Last: 1.0 Raw: 1.09 Adj.: 1.05 WklIdx: .64 RawIdx: .64 Index: .61 Prod: ABC
The CMA Awards were not friendly to ABC’s country show, as it returns from its break down a tenth from the previous episode.
Jane the Virgin CW #7 Prob. Cancel
Mon 9:00 Season 2 Eps: 27/44 Last: .4 Raw: .38 Adj.: .39 WklIdx: .62 RawIdx: .58 Index: .60 Prod: CBS*
If CBS wants to protect “Jane the Virgin”, seeing it continue to get .4s or higher will help.
Sleepy Hollow FOX #12 In Limbo
Thu 9:00 Season 3 Eps: 38/49 Last: .9 Raw: .93 Adj.: .92 WklIdx: .65 RawIdx: .59 Index: .58 Prod: Fox
Another .9 for “Sleepy Hollow” as it waits things out for its schedule move.
Castle ABC #16 Prob. Canned
Mon 10:00 Season 8 Eps: 157/173 Last: 1.0 Raw: 1.08 Adj.: .98 WklIdx: .64 RawIdx: .64 Index: .57 Prod: ABC
Well, after a week off for a CMA special “Castle” rebounds two-tenths, but that’s still below even the bad ratings it was getting before two weeks ago.
Elementary CBS #17 Prob. Cancel
Thu 10:00 Season 4 Eps: 73/96 Last: .8 Raw: .95 Adj.: .95 WklIdx: .51 RawIdx: .57 Index: .57 Prod: CBS
Hmm. Turns out a 1.1 may have actually been a strong night for “Elementary”, because with “2 Broke Girls” premiering in its lead-in spot it dipped three-tenths and really does look like a show in its final or at least penultimate season.
The Grinder FOX #13 Prob. Cancel
Tue 8:30 Season 1 Eps: 6/22 Last: .8 Raw: .98 Adj.: .85 WklIdx: .57 RawIdx: .63 Index: .54 Prod: Fox
These are the sorts of numbers that make Fox wonder why they gave “The Grinder” a full-season order. It will need to improve a LOT with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” as a lead-in or I’m not sure it even airs all its episodes on Tuesday before the end of May.
CSI: Cyber CBS #18 Dead Walking
Sun ≥10p Season 2 Eps: 21/35 Last: 1.0 Raw: .83 Adj.: .89 WklIdx: .64 RawIdx: .50 Index: .53 Prod: CBS
Even starting almost at 11 and with “The Good Wife” getting zero of the boost helping “Madam Secretary”, “CSI: Cyber” bounced up two-tenths, which make its prospects look not quite as dire. Time will tell if this is a blip or an actual sign of life, but at the moment it’s not nearly enough.
Undateable NBC #9 On Bubble
Fri 8:00 Season 3 Eps: 27 Last: N/A Raw: .76 Adj.: .72 WklIdx: N/A RawIdx: .55 Index: .52 Prod: WB
The perils of the live gimmick: “Undateable” was replaced by a repeat after the Paris bombings hit, and its index numbers went down as the Wednesday shows were inflated by an unexpected “Voice” lead-in. It’s already struggling to justify its existence as it is, and it’s not like its lead-out gives people reason to tune in; could it lose considerable momentum?
The Player NBC #10 Cancelled
Thu 10:00 Season 1 Eps: 8/9 Last: .7 Raw: .84 Adj.: .72 WklIdx: .5 RawIdx: .61 Index: .52 Prod: Sony
One more episode of “The Player” remains unaired.
Reign CW #8 Prob. Renew
Fri 8:00 Season 3 Eps: 49/62 Last: .4 Raw: .3 Adj.: .34 WklIdx: .62 RawIdx: .46 Index: .52 Prod: CBS*
Well, “Reign” has shown some signs of life in recent weeks as it’s moved up a tenth each of the past two weeks, which will make it easier for the CW to push it forward to a syndication-granting fourth season.
Blood and Oil ABC #17 Cancelled
Sun 9:00 Season 1 Eps: 7/10 Last: N/A Raw: 1.0 Adj.: .84 WklIdx: N/A RawIdx: .59 Index: .49 Prod: ABC
I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that “Once Upon a Time” aired a two-hour episode that meant “Blood and Oil” would be pre-empted.
Truth Be Told NBC #11 Cancelled
Fri 8:30 Season 1 Eps: 5/10 Last: .6 Raw: .64 Adj.: .62 WklIdx: .43 RawIdx: .47 Index: .45 Prod: NBCU
Well, “Truth be Told” didn’t suffer any ill effects with “Undateable” replaced with a repeat. Then again, the repeat got the same rating a new episode would have gotten, so who knows if that matters that much.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend CW #9 Dead Walking
Mon 8:00 Season 1 Eps: 5/13? Last: .3 Raw: .28 Adj.: .29 WklIdx: .47 RawIdx: .43 Index: .44 Prod: CBS
“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” can no longer even boast “Reign” as a partner in suffering. Look at all these cancelled shows surrounding it.
Minority Report FOX #14 Cancelled
Mon 9:00 Season 1 Eps: 7/10 Last: N/A Raw: .74 Adj.: .62 WklIdx: N/A RawIdx: .47 Index: .40 Prod: Fox
“Minority Report” was pre-empted for a “Bones” repeat, but at least it gets to say it’s not “Wicked City”!
Wicked City ABC #18 Cancelled
Tue 10:00 Season 1 Eps: 3/10 Last: .4 Raw: .67 Adj.: .6 WklIdx: .26 RawIdx: .39 Index: .35 Prod: ABC
What does it take for a network to actually pull a show off the schedule in the let-the-episodes-play-out, cut-the-order era? Look at those numbers and weep. “Wicked City” was already slated as a limited series, but when its already-atrocious ratings actually accelerated their decline, losing nearly half its ratings to fall to numbers that would be cancel-worthy even on the CW, ABC pretty much had to pull the plug. Seriously, who knew a weekly index number below .3 (implying the other index numbers would have fallen that low given a chance) was even possible?! ABC will try again in the Tuesday at 10 slot with “Of Kings and Prophets”, which must feel like a death sentence for that show.
Chicago Med NBC #? Prem: 11/17
Tue 9:00 Season 1 Eps: 0/13 Last: N/A Raw: N/A Adj.: N/A WklIdx: N/A RawIdx: N/A Index: N/A Prod: NBCU
“Law and Order” produced three reasonably successful shows. “CSI” produced three reasonably successful shows. “NCIS” has produced what looks like three reasonably successful shows. NBC is hoping the franchise spawning from “Chicago Fire” can complete its own trifecta. Like the others, “Chicago Med” will have the benefit of getting “The Voice” as a lead-in to start, and NBC hopes it can smoothly transition that audience to “Chicago Fire” at the end of the night. If its numbers merit only probable renewal that’d be a disappointment… which of course means that right as “Supergirl” is coming down to Earth, I might be getting another show that forces me to condense fewer shows than I’d prefer.

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