Time for our monthly What I Didn’t Do This Month post!

You know, with the coronavirus pandemic threatening the NFL season, these could extend well into the fall this year?

Seems like what I have to say is something that’s been said a lot too: I had several ideas for posts percolating late in the month – maybe something about Justin Amash running a third party campaign, and I’d have liked to go back to Steven Universe last weekend, a month after it fully ended and a month before the launch of HBO Max – but I’ve been distracted by a complex personal project and obsession that’s not likely to lead to anything. Either of these ideas or more could come to fruition later in May, though, depending on how things develop.

As always, I’m considerably more active on Twitter, where I don’t have to sit down and face the pressure that comes with writing a full-fledged blog post. I also continue to update the poll averages (or, at this point, poll average) I introduced a while back.

1 thought on “Time for our monthly What I Didn’t Do This Month post!

  1. Hey there Morgan, I hope that all is well with you and your family during this Coronavirus stuff. The NFL schedule was released on May 7th and I’d love to see a post about it like you usually do. Of course it’s your site and that’s up to you. Even though I live in Southern California, like you do, and our governor isn’t even thinking playing NFL games without fans is possible; I’d love to think it’s possible no matter what King Newsom thinks and have some normalcy and talk about the intricacies of the NFL schedule.

    Catch ya later! Jeff

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