Last-Minute Remarks on SNF Week 14 Picks

Week 14 (December 11):

  • Tentative game: Kansas City @ Denver
  • Prospects: 9-2 v. 3-8. The Broncos are not living up to the hype of Russell Wilson’s arrival, and this game is probably too lopsided to keep around.
  • Likely protections: Jets-Bills or Dolphins-Chargers (CBS) and Bucs-49ers or Eagles-Giants (FOX).
  • Confirmed or implied protections (see below): Jets-Bills (CBS) and Bucs-49ers (FOX).
  • Other possible games mentioned on last week’s Watch and their records: Eagles (10-1)-Giants (7-4), Jets (7-4)-Bills (8-3), Dolphins (8-3)-Chargers (6-5), Bucs (5-6)-Niners (7-4).
  • Impact of Monday Night Football: None.
  • Original analysis as of 11/27: Everything depends on what the protections are. Eagles-Giants actually has a decent chance to be unprotected, as while Bucs-Niners was a battle of 3-2 teams at the time Brady’s star power and the relative expectations surrounding the teams involved might still have favored it. With the Bucs losing to the lowly Browns, though, I don’t expect them to be flexed in. Jets-Bills is the next-best game on the slate but is probably protected, which brings us to Dolphins-Chargers, which as the late singleheader is the type of game the league tends to go to bat for to flex in (especially with the tentative being a West Coast game that can be plugged in to the slot), and with Rams-Chargers increasingly likely to be flexed out Week 17 the Chargers becoming maxed out on appearance limits after being flexed in earlier in the year shouldn’t be an issue. (Though the possibility of Titans-Chargers being flexed in next week could be a bigger issue, though I doubt it; more on that in the next full Flex Schedule Watch.) I didn’t think it was so compelling as to be absolutely necessary to be flexed in, but with the Chargers beating the Cardinals it’s actually only a game worse in the worse team’s record than Jets-Bills, and while the teams don’t have as much name value the quarterback matchup of Tua v. Herbert might be more compelling. I don’t know if it’s bumping out Eagles-Giants, which might be too good to be consigned to the early doubleheader but can’t displace the West Coast-based Bucs-Niners as Fox’s featured game (the Eagles would be maxed out on primetime appearances but their games the next two flexible weeks aren’t factors to be flexed in). If it’s protected Dolphins-Chargers should easily be the pick, but if it isn’t I could see it going either way. Does the name value, big markets, and better records of a pair of NFC East teams trump its lopsidedness (and general sense of the Giants wilting against good teams) and Dolphins-Chargers being in a worse time slot? I think Eagles-Giants comes out on top in that comparison, but I’m not confident about it. (Frankly, I’m not even sure Eagles-Giants’ name value trumps lopsidedness if the comparison is with Jets-Bills; if the latter game gets picked I’d be more surprised it was left unprotected than that it was picked.)
  • UPDATE 11/28 2:45 PM PT: In his Football Morning in America column Monday, Peter King suggests that the league could decide between Eagles-Giants, Dolphins-Chargers, and Bucs-Niners, with the last involving Fox relinquishing its protection. Brady is compelling, the Niners are compelling, and the Bucs are managing to lead the NFC South despite being below .500, but I still feel like if Fox insists on keeping Eagles-Giants it would be better and simpler to simply flex in Dolphins-Chargers, especially since King doesn’t even mention Fox moving Eagles-Giants into the late slot, instead suggesting they’d like to get a Mahomes game back (and you know how I feel about SNF tentatives becoming lead DH games). The problem is, the cupboard is pretty bare in Fox’s early window without Eagles-Giants (I mentioned Vikings-Lions as a dark horse flex possibility but that was contingent on the Lions getting to 5-6 at best and now if the Vikings don’t clinch the division this week that game would be to do so, and Texans-Cowboys might get more distribution anyway); King points out that Fox would have only two games in the early window if Eagles-Giants moved to SNF or even 4:25, and Dolphins-Chargers, Bucs-Niners, and Chiefs-Broncos are all West Coast games that can’t fill the void, so Fox would need CBS to crossflex them a game to have a viable early window and that would still involve teams at 4-7 at best (Browns-Bengals? Ravens-Steelers if the Steelers win tonight? Jaguars-Titans???), except the AFC teams are a half-game further out of the wild card.

    I don’t think crossflexing a game to Fox is a problem necessarily (giving AFC North territory outside the home markets of the crossflexed game the ability to watch both games would be a tangible benefit to moving one to Fox), and I had seen people on the 506sports Discord speculate that flexing in Eagles-Giants would require a crossflex, but hearing it from King carries more weight for me than the randos there (no offense, you’re still better than my commenters!) and this was the first I’d heard of the problem being more than just the poor quality of the games. I had just barely decided to go with Eagles-Giants over Dolphins-Chargers, but this has me thinking that Fox would be more insistent on keeping Eagles-Giants than CBS would be on keeping Dolphins-Chargers, and if the league is seriously considering having Fox relinquish its Bucs-Niners protection that would further tip me towards Dolphins-Chargers. Even then, though, I’m not really any more confident about it. (And this is probably the last time I put up a Last-Minute Remarks post shortly after the Sunday night game as opposed to Monday afternoon.)

  • Final prediction (revised): Miami Dolphins @ Los Angeles Chargers.

44 thoughts on “Last-Minute Remarks on SNF Week 14 Picks

  1. I like those predictions. I’ve had my eye on Jets-Bills for week 14 past couple of weeks. Giants injuries have doomed this one.

  2. I feel like Bucs-Niners would be a good one. Yeah, the Bucs have been underwhelming but they have a lot of the pieces in place outside of their decimated OL, they have Brady, lots of star power beyond Brady. SF is coming strong, they are showing themselves to be potentially the second best team after Philly. Brady vs Jimmy G. I’d be happy with that. Also, Jets-Bills, with the added potential attraction of it being a cold-weather snow game. Dolphins-Chargers gets the bronze for me, though it is another good looking game. No complaints if it’s the pick. I want no part of any Giants games from a viewing perspective however, so Philly-New York? Hope not. On a positive note, gotta love late season NFL football! Snow, Saturday games, high stakes, the holidays… can’t beat it.

  3. I don’t think it will be the Jets vs Bills only because of the potential of a snowstorm. It will not be the Eagles and Giants because Giant fans don’t like Sunday Night games. Won’t be the Dolphins and Chargers because the Chargers are probably flexed out. It won’t be the Bucs vs 49ers because Fox want to protect that game. Most likely, the Chiefs vs Broncos will remain on Sunday Night. I know it’s a dog game but you still have Pat Mahomes and Russell Wilson and the Broncos can play the spoiler role.

  4. Here’s what I think will happen in Week 14, which also is tied to Week 15:

    *Week 14: Chiefs/Broncos – OUT, Eagles/Giants – IN

    Eagles/Giants flexed to NBC SNF, Jets/Bills either stays at 1 PM ET on CBS or is flexed to 4:25 PM ET on Fox (if the NFL/Fox do not consider Bucs/49ers a strong enough lead late doubleheader game). I suspect Bucs/49ers was protected but Eagles/Giants and Jets/Bills (and Dolphins/Chargers) were not. (I don’t see Dolphins/Chargers as a serious flex candidate.) Bills are maxed out on prime-time appearances post-Week 14 if Jets/Bills is flexed to NBC SNF.

    *Week 15: Patriots/Raiders – OUT, Dolphins/Bills – IN

    Dolphins/Bills flexed to NBC SNF in the next two days (either Monday 11/28 or Tuesday 11/29) at the same time the announcement is made for both the Week 14 NBC SNF flex and the Week 15 Saturday 12/18 games are selected. (Incidentally, with those Saturday 12/18 games, I think NYG/WAS, which has become an attractive game in its own right, is the prime-time game. The increased attractiveness of Giants/Commanders probably mitigates the NFL’s concerns about not having Dolphins/Bills on the NFL Network. The other three options – IND/MIN, BAL/CLE, and ATL/NO – are all comparable in quality/interest when you consider the Falcons are still in the NFC South race and ATL/NO is a rivalry game.)

    I’ll also note the Jets could have their Week 17 game at Seattle flexed to NBC SNF (currently Rams/Chargers is scheduled for NBC), if the Jets continue to play solidly and the Seahawks get back on track.

  5. FormerCollegeDJ: Bills-Dolphins is one of the possibilities for the Saturday games that week. no way that doesn’t make the cut for Saturday.

  6. FWIW I called the Bills ticket office and they said the Bills Jets can’t get flexed. Only the Bills Dolphins.

    I’m watching the Bills Jets as I’m flying to Buffalo for the game and have to fly out that night

  7. I have revised the post based on new information, including what may be an unprecedented change in my “final” prediction.

  8. Re-posting from the last thread:

    For Spence: The rule I believe is ALL Thursday games count as primetime, including the Thursday afternoon appearances on Thanksgiving day that are on CBS and FOX.

    Week 13 wound up having no change (Colts-Cowboys stays). As it turned out, the Big 12 Championship game being on Saturday might have prevented a flex as I believe ABC wanted the option to move that game from Noon ET/11:00 AM local time (when it will take place) to 8:00 PM ET depending on the attractiveness of the Big 10 title game on FOX at that time.

    Week 14: As we know, Chiefs-Broncos is almost certain to be flexed out. It’s now known FOX DID NOT PROTECT Eagles-Giants, so it looks like that game is almost certain moved to SNF. Bucs-49ers looked like a prime candidate to be flexed if FOX did not protect it, however, the 49ers are in Seattle for a Week 15 Thursday nighter and the NFL likely didn’t want to have a team on TNF the following week playing on SNF. Dolphins-Chargers would have been the favorite to be flexed, however, because the Chargers were flexed in for week 11 (vs. the Chiefs) the Chargers CAN NOT be flexed in again UNLESS their Week 17 game vs. the Rams is flexed out due to their having two more prime time games (that one and Monday 12/26 at the Colts). Jets-Bills would have been a candidate EXCEPT the Bills are already maxed out on national TV games (I still believe ALL Thanksgiving games are considered prime time appearances even if they are on CBS or FOX) and even if not, Eagles-Giants is WAY more attractive for SNF. Only reason Eagles-Giants might NOT be flexed into SNF is if the Maras and Tiches ask the NFL not to as its well known Giants season ticket holders are older and hate going to night games. Then Jets-Bills is possible IF the Bills are NOT maxed out on TV appearances.

    Week 15: Pats-Raiders on the surface still appears to be on really shaky ground, but the Raiders are 4-7 and if they win this Sunday it may be enough to keep this game on SNF.
    What also may keep Pats-Raiders on SNF is The Las Vegas Bowl. That game is scheduled to be in primetime on ABC the night before at Allegiant Stadium (Raiders Home) and while the Raiders play on a grass surface, UNLV (who also plays their home games there) and the Las Vegas Bowl play those games on artificial turf. There is a contingency plan in place to move the Las Vegas Bowl game to Saturday afternoon (12/17) on ESPN with the New Mexico Bowl in Albuquerque moved to ABC in prime time that night if Pats-Raiders is moved, however, I’m sure execs at Disney are lobbying the NFL to NOT do that or if they have to move Pats-Raiders off SNF, move that game to an 11:30 PM ET Sunday kickoff on NFL Network in place of the 1:00 PM ET Saturday game. I’m sure advertisers want the Las Vegas Bowl to be Saturday night on ABC and NOT the New Mexico Bowl because the Las Vegas Bowl plays better with advertisers, and some of them might also ask the NFL NOT to make Pats-Raiders an afternoon game. If Pats-Raiders did move to an 11:30 PM ET Sunday game, it likely would be in place of the 1:00 PM ET Saturday game NFL Network is scheduled to air and only two of the five games under consideration for Saturday would take place then with at least two moved back to FOX/CBS. In this scenario, what I think happens is this as I suspect the NFL will be under pressure from Disney executives and Las Vegas Bowl officials to NOT make Pats-Raiders an afternoon game:

    Falcons-Saints: Saturday 4:30 PM ET on NFL Network
    Ravens-Browns: Saturday 8:15 PM ET on NFL Network
    Dolphins-Bills: Becomes FOX’s main Sunday game
    Colts-Vikings: Moved to CBS.
    Giants-Commanders: Sunday 8:20 PM ET on NBC
    Pats-Raiders: Sunday 11:45 PM ET on NFL Network

    I think in the end the NFL does this move as I think deep down they would rather have an 11:45 PM ET Sunday game that even if it makes people in the east mad because it would run to 3:00 AM ET Monday or later, as opposed to a 1:00 PM ET Saturday game when many people are out doing activities or shopping. They likely would get a better rating for a late-night Sunday game as opposed to an early afternoon Saturday game.

    As for the others, Titans-Chargers looked like the favorite except that means Rams-Chargers MUST be flexed out in Week 17 and I don’t know for sure the NFL wants to do that yet.

    Week 16 doesn’t have a flex. This is where the NFL should have had the bulk of the games on Monday, December 26 (day after Christmas that is the actual legal holiday for such) though as noted I suspect the station managers of FOX affiliates objected to that due to their having numerous pre-emptions during the World Cup in November and December and the syndicators of shows that normally air on FOX stations in the daytime probably made clear they could not pre-empt for NFL games on 12/26 since the week of 12/26-30 likely is re-airs of shows that first aired during the World Cup pre-empted by FOX affiliates. Otherwise, it would have set up for ESPN/ABC to have a flex that Monday night. If the Christmas Eve slate had been played the day after Christmas instead, we likely would have seen Texans-Titans (CBS at likely 2:00 PM ET) and Eagles-Cowboys (likely on FOX at 5:30 PM ET) be standalone games on Christmas Eve due to the Titans hosting the Cowboys the following Thursday. That likely also would have meant Raiders-Steelers would have been a 4:30 PM Christmas Day game on NFL Network and the Packers-Dolphins and Broncos-Rams games moved to Monday 12/26. Giants-Vikings likely would have been protected by FOX with Bengals-Patriots the most likely game to be flexed to MNF in that scenario.

    Week 17: Rams-Chargers remains in real danger of being flexed out. It could be we that is the case likely well before that decision would otherwise have to be made if the Chargers are flexed into Week 15 (vs. the Titans) since as noted above, if that happened THIS GAME MUST BE FLEXED OUT. Jets-Seahawks right now looks unless one or both collapse it will be the Sunday night game on New Year’s Night. The other candidate would be Dolphins-Patriots, but that would also hinge on whether the Pats are still in contention for a playoff berth by the time that decision has to be made.

    Week 18: If Giants-Eagles is for the NFC East, THAT is the Sunday Night finale. If Jets-Dolphins matters for a wild card or the AFC East no matter what happens in the earlier games on Sunday, THAT can be the Sunday night game (though that is also a candidate for Saturday). If Bucs-Falcons is for the NFC South, THAT can be the SNF Finale as well.

  9. Morgan:

    What I think happens is Eagles-Giants goes to SNF Week 14 with Jets-Bills crossflexed to FOX to replace it (CBS gets Chiefs-Broncos as a second 4:05 PM ET game).

  10. I hope it’s NOT Dolphins/Chargers. We’re bringing my four year old grandson to his first game, and don’t want it to be a night game….

  11. Please tell me Kelce is wrong. There’ll be lots of opportunities to watch the Chiefs going forward- there already have been. This doesn’t need to be one of them. What in the name of God-awful football is the rationale behind forcing people to watch zombie Matt Ryan and that offense against the Cowboys followed by force feeding us the Broncos? If it’s still Chiefs-Broncos, hope there is snow. From a viewing perspective that will be the only saving grace.

  12. Kelce:

    I just saw. What I think happened was FOX (with help from the Maras and Tiches) asked the NFL not to move Eagles-Giants (it’s well known Giants fans hate going to night games and I suspect Giants ownership feared an Eagles takeover of Met Life Stadium if it were a night game) and the NFL didn’t want to move Bucs-49ers to SNF because the 49ers play in Seattle against the Seahawks next Thursday. The NFL I suspect doesn’t want to flex out Rams-Chargers in Week 17 YET (which is why Dolphins-Chargers was not flexed) and I suspect CBS protected Jets-Bills (which would likely have had to have been cross-flexed to FOX to replace Eagles-Giants for Eagles-Giants to go to SNF). There would have been it looked like a ton of moving parts we didn’t know about behind the scenes beyond what was reported.

  13. What No Flex Out Game We Are Stuck With This Bad Chiefs Broncos Game And Guess What I Am Sick of the chiefs GET YOUR LAZY BUTTS IN GEAR NOW FUCK THE BRONCOS

  14. What No Flex Out Game We Are Stuck With This Bad Chiefs Broncos Game And Guess What I Am Sick of the chiefs GET YOUR LAZY BUTTS IN GEAR NOW FUCK THE BRONCOS

  15. I saw somewhere that the NFL is going to release the week 15 Saturday games today, so they might release any week 14 flex at the same time

  16. Someone from the NFL Scheduling Department should be fired that in back to back weeks of Sunday Night Football the whole country has to see 2 bad teams in the Colts and the Broncos. The NFL should of flexed these 2 teams out of Sunday Night Football. I won’t be watching these 2 garbage match ups as the NFL should be ashamed of themselves for keeping 2 bad teams on Sunday Night when better match ups were available. 49ers Dolphins, Titans Eagles in week 13 would of been great choices but nope always about Dallas in Primetime, in week 14 Jets Bills, Jaguars Titans, Dolphins Chargers, Eagles Giants, even Lions Vikings are all more deserving than Chiefs Broncos. Shame on you NFL and hopefully someone is responsible for this huge mistake.

  17. John:

    It will be interesting to see if the NFL keeps the Saturday schedule (1:00-4:30-8:15 PM ET) in tact or they wind up flexing Pats-Raiders out of SNF and put that game at 11:45 PM ET on NFL Network (dropping the Saturday 1:00 PM ET game) after SNF on NBC in order to allow the Las Vegas Bowl to keep its scheduled time slot on ABC (Saturday at 7:30 PM ET). There is a contingency to move the New Mexico Bowl into that slot if the Las Vegas Bowl has to be moved (to 2:30 PM ET Saturday on ESPN where the New Mexico Bowl is currently scheduled), however, I still think Disney and advertisers are lobbying the NFL NOT to force that move and instead if Pats-Raiders has to be moved, move it to after SNF on Sunday night even if it means that game runs to 3:00 AM ET Monday and angers a lot of people on the east coast. As said, what I think happens is Giants-Commanders becomes SNF and Pats-Raiders is after that at 11:45 PM ET on NFL Network.

  18. Robert:

    I believe as noted above the NFL might have been prevented from flexing out Colts-Cowboys because Disney/ABC wanted to preserve their right to move the Big 12 Championship Game on Saturday from the Noon ET/11:00 AM local slot it will be played in to 8:00 PM ET if the ACC Championship looked unattractive enough AND the Big 10 Championship on FOX was unattractive enough.

    As for Week 14, I noted there were multiple factors into why that happened.

  19. Insanity on why this wasn’t flexed out, I mean I think 70% of the games would’ve been better than this trash, I mean hell I’d rather see Panthers Seahawks in primetime…. For future reference lets assume Mahomes stays no matter what

  20. I don’t see NBC flexing their remaining games this year. I predicted that the Chiefs vs Broncos would not be flexed and I was right.

  21. Absurd that we are going to have watch the Chiefs destroy the broncos. The NFL just loves mahomes. So I’m assuming that means eagles giants will be “americas game of the week” on fox. Will cbs put a 4:00 game with nantz and romo? If so will it be fins chargers or bills jets? And I could bet you money they aren’t moving the raiders pats game either.

  22. It’s flexed out!! Now Dolphins-Chargers is DEFINITELY a game to watch. But what will that mean for Rams-Chargers?

  23. Finally At Last Chiefs Broncos is flexed out and They Did The Right Thing. See 6 Years ago they flexed out Pats Jets For Chiefs Broncos and now 6 Years later it’s flexed out.

  24. So I am wrong. They flexed out the Chiefs vs Broncos game. Instead, the Dolphins vs Chargers will be the Sunday Night game. That mean that the Rams vs Chargers game will be flexed out.

  25. ESPN is not moving around conference championship games barring acts of God or similarly unforseeable circumstances. It’s ridiculous to even suggest that they would merely on the basis of a more “attractive” match-up.

  26. I was so surprised and delighted to see Chargers vs Dolphins move to SNF. A move this late in the day (8:30pm ET) was unprecedented, hence why all of us assumed chiefs vs. broncos would stay. But like Morgan said, Chargers vs Dolphins seemed to make the most sense, and you can guarantee that I, and many others, will be watching that game.
    As of now, the chargers now have 7 primetime games. Does this guarantee a week 17 flex against the rams? I assume that is going be flexed out anyways and the NFL made this move with full intent of flexing that game out.
    For week 17, I see Dolphins-Patriots most likely replacing Vikings-Packers in CBS 4:25 slot as the packers will be out of playoff contention, however, the big market of Green Bay and the vikings possibly in contention for the #1 seed might keep it in the late slot.
    So they probably move one of the 4:05 FOX games to SNF as it makes the most sense logistically since rams-chargers will be moved to that slot. Most likely Jets-Seahawks, but I could see the Raiders making a push and being 6-8 or even 7-7 by the time the decision is made, and the 49ers vs raiders rivalry could be enough to beat Jets-Seahawks. Excited to see what the league does but most importantly I’m thankful we don’t have to watch the broncos on SNF!

  27. I do agree with you that Dolphins vs. Patriots game most likely replacing Vikings-Packers game as the alternate 3:25 pm game on CBS week 17 so Vikings vs. Packers game can switch to noon with crossflex that matchup to Fox, Walt’s lover. That’s what I have been saying lately.

  28. Weeks 13-14 SNF matchups have been decided
    Week 15: If Bucs-Bengals is unprotected which it shouldn’t be, it will go to SNF.
    If the Saints knock off the Bucs, and Bengals-Bucs is protected, Falcons-Saints goes to SNF
    Baltimore-Cleveland goes to SNF if the browns win and above scenarios don’t happen
    Colts-Vikings goes to SNF if the colts win and above scenarios don’t happen
    My prediction is that Falcons-Saints is week 15 SNF
    My prediction for the Saturday games are:
    10 AM PT: Ravens-Browns
    1:30 PM PT: Fins-Bills
    5:15 PM PT: Giants-Commies
    Week 16 has no flex
    Week 17: The battle for LA will 100% be flexed because the game is bad and the chargers have 7 nationally televised games on their schedule.
    Because of the pitiful NFC South, Whichever of Jets-Seahawks or Saints-Eagles gets unprotected, that will be SNF that week
    Week 18 games to watch for:

  29. Nice that the KC/Den game was flexed out of SNF in Week 14. SoFi Stadium gets yet another SNF game. That’s very interesting. Though it does likely mean that it loses the Week 17 game.

    And nothing yet about Week 15 Saturday games. I guess we’ll get that after this coming Week 13’s games.

    As for the rest of things:

    Hello NFL SNF Flex Scheduling lovers,

    Here’s my take on things after Week 12.

    Main Flex period:

    Week 15

    #1 – Mia.(8-3) @ Buff.(8-3) <—Saturday in my book
    #2 – N.Y.G.(7-4) @ Wash.(7-5) <—Saturday in my book
    #3 – Tenn.(7-4) @ L.A.C.(6-5) <—not going to happen now that the Chargers are on SNF in Week 14

    Also, 3 of 5 games will move to Saturday and they are:

    Mia.(8-3) @ Buff.(8-3) <—certain to move to Saturday, unless the NFL wants to move this to SNF
    Balt.(7-4) @ Clev.(4-7) <—the Browns make this not likely to move to Saturday
    Ind.(4-7-1) @ Minn.(9-2) <—likely to move to Saturday, as there's no other good 3rd choice
    Atl.(5-7) @ N.O.(4-8) <—not likely, in spite of how tight the NFC South is
    N.Y.G.(7-4) @ Wash.(7-5) <—because it's big market teams, it's looking like a near certainty to move to Saturday or SNF

    Last season the decision on the 3 Saturday Week 15 games had to be made after Week 11, but there's nothing in the schedule release about when this decision needs to be made this season. Let's assume it will be after Week 13 this season.

    I see the tentative SNF game of N.E.(6-5) @ L.V.(4-7) keeping the SNF slot.

    Week 16 – scheduled game is: T.B.(5-6) @ Ariz.(4-8) <— can't be flexed, as it's set in stone due to being on Christmas, but yuck!

    Week 17 – scheduled game is: L.A.R.(3-8) @ L.AC.(6-5) <— getting worse week by week and a great chance to be flexed out…….say 99.9% chance to move (especially with Chargers in Week 14 SNF)

    Week 18 – no scheduled SNF game and 2 games moving to Saturday

    N.E.(6-5) @ Buff.(8-3) <—can't move to Saturday
    N.Y.J.(7-4) @ Mia.(8-3) <—might be affected by Bills not being able to play on Saturday and could preclude them from doing so as well. If not precluded from moving to Saturday, it has a good chance or possibly SNF.
    Balt.(7-4) @ Cin.(7-4) <—can't move to Saturday, but SNF could be a possibility…….
    Clev.(4-7) @ Pitt.(4-7) <—not looking like a move to Saturday would be in the cards anyway
    Hou.(1-9-1) @ Ind.(4-7-1) <—not a good Saturday game candidate
    Tenn.(7-4) @ Jack.(4-7) <—not a good Saturday game candidate
    L.A.C.(6-5) @ Den.(3-8) <—not a good Saturday game candidate
    K.C.(9-2) @ L.V.(4-7) <—not a good Saturday game candidate
    N.Y.G.(7-4) @ Phil.(10-1) <—looking good to be a Saturday game and no longer a good choice for SNF
    Dal.(8-3) @ Wash.(7-5) <—starting to gain on potentially moving to Saturday and quickly! or SNF ?
    Minn.(9-2) @ Chi.(3-9) <—not a good Saturday game candidate
    Det.(4-7) @ G.B.(4-8) <—not a good Saturday game candidate
    T.B.(5-6) @ Atl.(5-7) <—could be a dark horse for SNF, as it could become a win and in, lose and out game……..reminds me of Rams/Seahawks on SNF years ago as a clown show win and in and lose and out game
    Car.(4-8) @ N.O.(4-8) <—not a good Saturday game candidate
    Ariz.(4-8) @ S.F.(7-4) <—not a good Saturday game candidate
    L.A.R.(3-8) @ Sea.(6-5) <—not looking good to move to Saturday

    Remember, due to Buffalo and Cincinnati playing on MNF in Week 17, they will not be able to play on Saturday in Week 18 and that also leads to the potential of no matchup from the AFC East and AFC North moving to Saturday. But we'll see.

  30. So Dolphins-Chargers WAS flexed into SNF after all. This game was originally the favorite to be flexed in. It’s possible the NFL had to wait because they didn’t want to have to flex out Rams-Chargers now (that game now MUST be flexed out because the Chargers are maxed out on appearances since they also have Monday 12/26 in Indy against the Colts). It’s possible this was the game they intended to flex in all along, but they had to make sure they could move Rams-Chargers to 1:05 PM local time as that game is on New Year’s Day and it’s possible they might have been able to get personnel to move up to the earlier time slot, especially given many likely had New Year’s plans already in place.

    As said, I think Eagles-Giants, even though unprotected by FOX was not flexed in was ultimately because the Giants owners likely feared that would have led to an Eagles takeover of Met Life Stadium with Eagles fans buying up the tickets from Giants season ticket holders who notoriously won’t go to night games.

    This also eliminates Titans-Chargers from a Week 15 flex because the Chargers are maxed out.

  31. Pete:

    I believe the ACC and Big 12 title games are not official start times until six days before those games (the American Conference Title game at 3:30 PM ET is because that game is opposite the SEC title game on CBS). ABC does have the right to switch the times of those games depending on the attractiveness. While not likely, I’m sure Disney wanted the option to move the Big 12 game to 8:00 PM because the ACC game has little chance of being relevant towards the college football playoff.

  32. Sorry but you’re crazy of you think the pats raiders game will move to a 11:45pm kickoff. That will never happen no matter how much pressure comes from execs at Disney or wherever, especially on a Sunday night into a working Monday morning. There might even be some clause or rule in the CBA regarding not allowing such a late kickoff. One of the more outlandish ideas I’ve seen on here.

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