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Hi, I’m Morgan Wick. I’m a student at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington. Welcome to my website.

I started a blog at Blogger in December 2006 as a place to spew my opinions, thereby officially legitimizing blogs because if I had one, you know it REALLY hit it big. In August 2007 I started a separate website as a place to house my various projects. Two years later, I created MorganWick.com to merge Da Blog and the web site.

I have a lot of interests in a lot of diverse fields, and I know not all of them interest everyone, and that my opinions or even interest in some might turn people off from the rest of the site. So I’ve divided the site up into several subsites. For example, if you want to get my opinions and projects in the world of sports, you can go to sports.morganwick.com.

As for me, you might call me an ordinary, young, white male, college student, middle class, and living in relative carefree wealth compared to the rest of the developed world. Not a thing to set me apart at all…

Oh yeah, that “Asperger’s Syndrome” thing… okay, here’s the thing. First, I know you’re more likely to deal with me, especially in “real life”, if I don’t tell you about this, but in order for it to be successful I feel I need to give you a heads-up; if you’re only dealing with me online you have less need to know about this, because unlike most people I’m actually nicer online than I am in person.

In person, I’m not easy to get to socialize, don’t make friends both as a matter of choice and a matter of fact, and don’t like it when people do things (which means just about anything, especially getting my attention for anything other than purely utilitarian purposes) that distract my concentration and thinking (which is pretty much all the time). (Note: If placed in a job that requires a significant amount of socialization I will socialize to the extent that the job requires without being irritated at the break in concentration, but I won’t be 100% comfortable with it.)

At times (probably less than .1% of the time) I have been known to get angry and/or frustrated about certain things, such as people being idiots (but sometimes even just making boneheaded mistakes – I’m a bit of a minor perfectionist), and that anger and frustration has expressed itself in certain weird, disturbing-to-some forms. Some of these have gotten me removed from classes in the past. First, be aware that I’m not a monster, these sorts of things happen less than 1% of the time and they’re always caused by some specific thing that gets me frustrated, so it’s not just coming out of thin air, and once I’ve let out the display the danger should have passed unless I’m further agitated by, say, being treated like I’m a monster; second, I have gotten better at dealing with situations, and what reactions I do have are either only weird, not really disturbing, or, if they are disturbing and threatening, at least normal in a weird way. Basically, you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of me going ballistic but should be prepared in case I’m wrong.

Oh, and during moments of stress I’ll occasionally write a blog post or tweet expressing anger rather than express it in physical forms; while those posts occasionally provide further insight into how you should deal with me when I’m angry and I like to think writing while angry provides a clearer glimpse into one’s true beliefs than writing while calm, they are written in the heat of the moment, I’m not going to go psychopath on anybody, and chances are, you shouldn’t be able to figure out any of it from dealing with me for any length of time (which is to say it doesn’t have any real impact on how I act). Also, sometimes – even online – I’ll hold you to what may seem an unrealistic standard, suggest solutions to imperfections of varying degrees of practicality, and generally be frank to the point of rudeness. Don’t take any of it personally, I treat everyone like s**t.

I’m a “Yay Asperger’s” kind of guy and my Asperger’s both informs my worldview (I tend to think very logically) and leads to the sort of heavy thinking I tend to do. I question how useful a diagnosis of Asperger’s is when it is a) possible for two people to be diagnosed with Asperger’s without sharing a single symptom between them, and b) unknown what causes it, or whether it’s prenatal or learned, when it’s an extremely fuzzy condition with a lot of population of the middle ground and an inability to pin down a hard and fast definition. Asperger’s provides a unique perspective, and people with Asperger’s can contribute to society in ways that “normal” people are unlikely to do to the same extent, so attempts to “cure” Asperger’s are probably misguided. Asperger’s is the future! Resistance is futile!

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  1. Morgan:

    Someone in the most recent Sunday Night Football comment used the same name as me to post a comment about it being “a clusterf**k” that was not me. I noted it there but is there a way that can be fixed so only one person can use the same username?

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