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Forget being a webcomic review that’s not about OOTS, CAD, or a DMM production, it’s a UF review that doesn’t use the phrase “nag strip”! D’oh!

(From User Friendly. Click for full-sized principled treatment.)I told you we would break out of the rut of only three or four different comics being reviewed! I told you! In a sense, User Friendly was my first webcomic. Well before I had an inkling of what any webcomics were beyond maybe Penny Arcade, before I […]

More quick hits

Last call. Here‘s Ctrl+Alt+Del, and here‘s User Friendly. And the opinions expressed in this comic are not necessarily those of the author. I’m not familiar enough with CAD, and all I know about UF is I started reading it from the beginning in 2006, and had to pry myself away from it when I got […]